Tania Bownes - Celebrating Freedom
The Quiet Room, 24 Pondicherry Avenue, Hout Bay
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Tania Bownes - Celebrating Freedom

LISTING > Trauma Releasing Exercises, Aromatherapy  in Cape Town

Trauma Releasing Exercises
Tania Bownes - Celebrating Freedom offers Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), Aromatherapy, Retreats in Cape Town

Celebrating Freedom is made up of various offerings:

a) The Freedom to move our bodies through the Nia Technique. I teach 2 classes per week in Hout Bay.

b) The Freedom to self heal. I offer aromatherapy, reflexology and fascia release at my Quiet Room in Hout Bay.

c) The Freedom to release past trauma. I am a TRE practitioner (trauma releasing exercises), Advanced level and offer private sessions and group classes in Hout Bay.

d) The Freedom to play and have fun. I run various retreats: the Joy of Sound and the Joy of Silence (Temenos), The Aqua Adventure (Croatia), Dolphin Delight (Ponta do Ouro).

My website has all the details regarding pricing etc. www.celebratingfreedom.co.za - under Quiet Room

Gender Exclusive: 
20yr +
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Aromatherapy with Helen Ranger (since 1994)
Reflexology (with Gayle Friedman 1997)
Fascia Release (with Lize Kimble 2014),
TRE Advanced Practitioner (with Dr David Berceli and Dr Melanie Salmon since 2012)
Nia Brown Belt teacher (teaching since 2003)
Offering dependent

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