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Turiya Lynne

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Art and Creative Processing
Turiya Lynne offers Tantra, Art and Creative Processing, Dance in Cape Town

The Art of Love

I am dedicated to the loving support of individuals who are sincere in their quest for self-rememberance and liberation through integration and purification of the whole being. This is for those who are willing to be truly alive, moving with awareness and courage in love. 

My practical spiritual work takes place within the framework of Tantric science and is  rooted in experience. I collaboratively guide clients in areas including and not limited to embodiment, intimacy, sexuality, relating, self acceptance, tapping into your own bliss and remembering the divine. 

No two sessions are the same. These are some methods I might use: art as meditation or process; music  to activate the feeling body. Touch. Expression through movement and voice for energy flow; breath work that facilitates and supports; meditation practices to bring us into our bodies and into the present moment; verbal communication for clarity and understanding.

My approach is gentle, clear and intuitive. Sessions are infused with artistic sensitivity, humour and warmth.

I invite women and men to come and meet me in truth, in a safe and loving space.

Sessions are roughly 2 hours long. 

I'm based in Newlands, Cape Town.

"Beloved student of Love

That you are here is perfection, and I am learning to know that it is beyond even the wonderful delight or personal blessing I take it to be. It is simply the natural course of the dharma which flows because we have placed ourselves at the willing.

It might look like I wear the hat of teacher in much of what passes between us, in reality I am learning at your feet too. Our vulnerability and willingness to let go of what we think we are or have to be will be key to the richness of our engagement.

There is much to share. I desire to make the most of this potent connection and give you a taste of truth, freedom, love and beauty.

I want to take you to your deepest darknesses and your highest peaks, and I want to explore everything that lives in between with you. I want to equip you with a toolbox of practices to help you become ever more and more of what you are and to support you through the storms and the droughts of life.

The bulk of the transmission lives in the vast subtle realms of the unexplainable, unnameable and deeply felt spaces between us. This is the where the magic happens. "

Open Time: 
Available After Hours
Gender Exclusive: 
2 - 5yr
Listing Type: 
Advait Tantra School ongoing
R1500/2 hour session


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Tantra Student

Deep Gratitude!

Lynne is in every way an embodiment of truth, soulbeauty and compassion. She supports and encourages and challenges me through every experience that I work through with her. She sensitively feels out whether what is needed is highly energized and musically sensitive dance or deep and accepting conversation or profound loving-touch experiences, each time accompanying me on a journey into the depths of my being that continues to change my life forever. I continue to work with her, as a companionate spirit, in deepest gratitude.
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Into me I see

Having struggled with intimacy most of my life, Lynne has enabled me to break through the self imposed veil of judgmental fear and to find a level of comfortable acceptance of my own sexuality, my own body and has helped me to validate my own needs and desires. Lynne's unfailing intuitive practice has brought me to tears and to laughter within the same session. I have no hesitation in recommending this beautiful being to all who are on this wonderful journey of discovery that which we call life.

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