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My name is Mark Dane and welcome to Marked For Change – a Life Transformation Coaching academy, passionate about creating lasting change.  I am a certified Life Transformation Coach, Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Business Coach, but, it’s my life story that sets me apart. 

Oxygen deprivation and a medical oversight during birth, caused my irreversible neuro-muscular condition called Cerebral Palsy.  Being forced to “hold my breath” for just a few minutes, resulted in a life of on-going improvisations and continuous problem solving.  As an adult, I also underestimated the many life-challenging issues that I have had to deal with; such as self-acceptance, self-confidence, feeling that “I’m not good enough” and the hardest of all, feeling that “I’m not worthy to be loved”.

We all know the saying: “when life gives you lemons”; but it’s what you do with them that really counts.  Not only have I made lemonade – I have built a state-of-the-art “lemonade industry”!   Pushing obstacles aside, I have resolved my issues and taken full ownership of my own destiny.  I have travelled, built a successful career in IT, married my soulmate and live in one of the finest cities in the world.  Despite having the odds stacked against me, I’ve risen above them and live a successful, enriched life.   If I can achieve true happiness, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t too.

Now, let me ask YOU a few questions:
• Are you living a successful and happy life, or are you unfulfilled by disempowering feelings like stress, depression or failure? 
• Are you content or do you feel stuck in a rut and need a new lease on life?
• Are you thriving in your career or is your lack of self-confidence stunting your growth?
• Are you running a successful business, or do you feel it’s a constant uphill battle?
• Do you have the perfect relationship or are you sabotaging it with your limiting insecurities?
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, let me remind you that you definitely deserve the extraordinary life you want but just need the right tools and techniques to achieve it. 

Let me take you on a journey of self-discovery to uncover the things limiting and stunting YOUR personal growth.  Using a combination of Life Transformation Methodologies and Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Successful Mind Set Strategies, I have personally designed a life changing programme, “Changing Your Mind”, which will:
• Teach you “mind-blowing” facts about your conscious and subconscious mind;
• Introduce you to amazing life transformational techniques to get rid of all your unwanted, limiting emotions and beliefs;
• Make you a “Master” at setting personal goals and achieving the outcomes you desire in life;
• Equip you with powerful strategies and self-empowering tools to transform yourself into the exact person you want to be. 

Together we will unleash your true potential, leaving you with new, installed positive emotions and beliefs, a brand-new self-image and:
• an improved self-awareness;
• more control of your emotions;
• increased potential;
• more self-confidence;
• new empowering habits and behaviours
• a clearer understanding of what you want to accomplish
• an amazing, desirable, and happier “Life Vision”.

Book a free, non-obligational 30-minute session and let’s explore where you are right now, where you truly desire to be and “mark” what’s stopping you from getting there.  It would be a privilege to accompany you on this incredible journey!

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