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Alex - Tantric Shamanic Practitioner
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Alex - Tantric Shamanic Practitioner

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Energy Healing
Alex - Tantric Shamanic Practitioner offers Shamanism, Tantra, Energy Healing in Cape Town

I am an Alchemist.

My purpose is to empower others to feel fully alive. Working together to unlock absolute potential, using tools of transformation & life force energy to activate the embodiment of our true nature & find Sanctuary in every moment. I have a mutiltude of tools in my practice and toghether with my clients decide the most fitting path. 

I offer Private Alchemy sessions & group work in and around Cape Town. I also offer retreats. 

I offer regular Cosmic Breathwork, Goddess Bliss Temples, Wild Sanctuary Temples & Cosmic Medicine Journeys. To read more check out my website 

Please email to get in touch with me :: 

Please do not call me. If you want to schedule a call please email. 

My Background: 

I started on my path over 20 years ago with enquiry into yoga teaching. I have been teaching on and off for 13yrs. More recently I healed myself from 6hrs of chronic illness and suffering (Burnout, Chronic Bacteria Infections, nervous system overload). This was my true test of fire. I explored and studied every tradition, practice & medicine available. I fought for my life with everything I had. I am now wiser, more compassionate and live in deep reverence to the power of my human body. 
It showed me my true colours.

My vulnerability & my immense strength.
My pain and also the Bliss on the other side.

It is these life experiences and my continuing studies with various mystery schools that give me deep insight into the human condition. Offering me the potential to transmute  unrest, dis-ease and blockages into pure energy and deep remembrance. I am passionate about working together with you to ignite your intuitive knowing & facilitate you feeling fully alive and whole.

I am a devoted student of Tantra and my work can include: Hands-on-body work, Breathwork, yoga, Reiki, Shadow Whispering, Pl*nt m*dicine, Shamanic energy work &  Cosmic Language channeling.

My work is tailored to the needs of my clients and led largely my intuition and inner wisdom.

My areas of focus are:

Connect to your true essence and move with life from this place of True Power.

Release physical pain.
Free yourself from emotional heaviness. 
Remove blockages & barriers to your inner truth.

Do you repress emotions?
What energy are you spending hiding parts yourself?
What are your triggers telling you? 
Reclaim your WHOLE-ness. 

Connect to pleasure as a pathway of True power & creativity. 
Release sexual trauma & fear.
Own what you really Desire. 
Are you clear on your yes & no?
Do you know what you need?
How can you express these needs?

How to navigate the more challenging emotions
so they don't rule you.


I look forward to meeting you! 

Please email me for any enquiries.

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Off Street Parking
Available After Hours
Gender Exclusive: 
10 - 20yr
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De-armouring Training / De-armouring Arts
Traditional Tantra / Daniel Odier & Valentina Leo
Yoga Teachers Training & Bodywork training / Forrest Yoga & Guardians
Yoga Teachers Training & Yoga therapy training / Yoga Vidya Gurukul
Trauma Counselling / Lifeline
Reiki / Ushun Reiki School Berlin

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