Diana Collins Smith
Pinelands, Cape Town
+2782 309 9798  www.hiddenmind.co.za
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Diana Collins Smith

LISTING > Energy Healing, Workshop Facilitator  in Pinelands

Energy Healing
Workshop Facilitator
Prophetic Guidance
Diana Collins Smith offers Energy Healing, Workshop Facilitator, Prophetic Guidance in Pinelands

I am an energy healer based in Cape Town.  I offer Reiki, Energy Clearing, Balance & Alignment, Entity Clearings, House/Space Clearing & Channelled/Psychic Readings.

I represent the HiddenMind & Bio-Energy Institute (Europe) Energy Healing and The Living Threads (Australia) - Colour Therapy in South Africa.

The HiddenMind programme has proven to be most beneficial in treating special needs and persistent conditions like dyslexia, autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, asthma, arthritis, back ache, chronic pain, insomnia, crohn’s, migraines, schizophrenia, autoimmune conditions and more.

Sound frequencies have been used by different practitioners around the world for decades in order to improve healing rates and restore homeostasis and balance. The sounds I use in the HiddenMind Protocol are at a pitch that amplifies the body’s energy and frequencies in order to bring them into a corrective state.

The primary aim of a Bio-energy treatment is to locate any energy disturbances within and around the body using an established sequence of hand movements tailored to restore harmony to the body, mind and soul. During a treatment, the therapist will outline any immediate measures to be taken regarding diet, exercise, rest, attitude, etc. At the end of the sessions, the patient will be aware of exactly what is required of them in order to regain the health that is rightfully theirs.

A HiddenMind or Bio-Energy treatment takes approximately 60 minutes and the optimal treatment protocol is 3 treatments which are carried out over three consecutive days.  A fourth treatment is always required 3 - 8 weeks after the last treatment.

As well as offering treatments, I also teach diploma courses in which individuals can train to become HiddenMind practitioners in their own right. Becoming a HiddenMind Practitioner allows you to use the powerful techniques to heal yourself and others. A European Diploma is issued upon successful completion.

The HiddenMind Investigative & Corrective Sound Diploma Course takes place over four three-day weekends, and the HiddenMind Bio-Energy Diploma Course can be completed in two two-day weekends and three three-day weekends.

I also run workshops on meditation, an 8 month metaphysics course and a one day Channelling/psychic development course.

Once or twice a year I lead a group to visit Sacred Sites in and around Southern Africa to reconnect, enjoy beautiful spaces, connect into Mother Earth to do some earth healing work ulilizing the grid to connect and activate healing for ourselves and all sentinent life.  see www.sacredafricantours.com for more.

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Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
Wheelchair accessible
Available After Hours
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20yr +
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HiddenMind European Diploma
Bio-energy European Diploma
Living Threads 9 Module Course with completion certificate
Past Life Regression
Tarot Readings
Entity Clearing
Soul Retrieval
Chakra Balancing
Space / House Clearing
Offering dependent
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Phenomenal Practitioner

Diana is a profoundly gifted practitioner with a comprehensive energy-based offering.

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