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The Om Revolution - Mobile Yoga

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Hatha Yoga
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The Om Revolution - Mobile Yoga offers Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga in Cape Town

The Om Revolution is a mobile Yoga and wellness service that was founded in 2014. Our mission was to bring Yoga to the people, making this beautiful form of meditation and exercise more accessible to everyone. By bringing Yoga into the convenience of your home, office, backyard, etc., we enabled you to include it into your life on YOUR terms.

We discovered the need for individually-tailored, private Yoga classes, that would give beginners and advanced Yogis alike, the chance to learn and practice Yoga properly, in a convenient, familiar and supportive environment, in which your teacher’s attention is focused exclusively on your requirements and progress.

The Om Revolution also offers Yoga experiences, Yoga events and workshops as well as pregnancy Yoga classes for anyone wanting to experience more.

Our low cost public yoga classes at various locations in Cape Town make Yoga accessible to everyone allowing ANYONE to give Yoga a try – and fall in love with it! Find out more here.

Our philosophy: Yoga is for EVERYONE!

Identifying the desire of South African companies to facilitate a healthy lifestyle for their staff, we launched a mobile wellness service to compliment the existing corporate Yoga service, in 2016. Our corporate yoga classes and wellness options provide businesses with the opportunity to offer their staff a form of exercise and release as well as services that contribute to overall well-being. We believe that a stressful corporate environment can benefit greatly from the release and positive energy corporate wellness can bring. See more information here about Corporate Yoga or other Corporate Wellness services.

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Mobile (Will Travel)
Accept credit cards
Gender Exclusive: 
2 - 5yr
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Qualified Yoga Instructor
Pre-Natal Yoga Qualification
60 minute Private Yoga class for 1 person - R380.00
Additional person joining - R150.00
60 minute Corporate Yoga class - from R600
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