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Ashleigh Harrison - Novaturient

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Health Coach
Ashleigh Harrison - Novaturient offers Nutrition, Health Coach in Cape Town

“Wellness Journey for the Soulful Seekers”

Novaturient is defined as desiring or seeking change in one's life, behaviour or situation. I have created a space for all those Soulful Seekers, who are looking to make a conscious shift within, by changing their direction in a more constructive and mindful manner.
My aim is to help you reconnect with your body, heal your relationship with food and assist you on your Wellness Journey as you ground yourself and begin to discover the truly phenomenal being you are.

As a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist from the School of Modern Naturopathy, my focus is on holistic and nutrition based knowledge that may rejuvenate the soul and balance the mind-body complex. My approach to nutrition and healing is based on fueling your body with foods that work for you and engaging in lifestyle changes that nourish your being. It's about listening to your body and eating foods that leave you feeling energised, grounded and connected to your inner peaceful and happy being.

To find out more about what I have to offer please contact me on

“Feed the Mind. Nourish the body. Connect to the Soul.”

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Naturopathic Nutritionist
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Lisa Guscott's picture
Lisa Guscott

Yoga anxiety workshop

A stunning well planned, intimate and thoughtful morning spent with likeminded ladies. Ash prepared delicious treats for us and ensured that we were equipped with thought provoking practical ways to assist in one's daily life going forward. Oh and we received the most divine goody bags to take home filled with some incredible natural products! Highly recommend!!
Drue Birch 's picture
Drue Birch

Yoga Anxiety Workshop

We had a wonderful morning with Ashleigh, starting with a gentle yoga session and followed by a discussion about anxiety and how to support the body with certain foods. Ashleigh created a relaxed environment where everyone felt comfortable and left feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

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