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Sy Tzu offers Tantra, Herbalism, Massage in Cape Town

Since my initiation into Osho Sannyas at age 12, I have been on a 30+ year  journey, a journey which has ventured through Osho Sannyas, Shamanism, Ritual Magick, Advaita and Tantra. It has spanned 4 continents and included many valuable guides along the way. Nowdays my primary practice consists of tantra and shamanic plant medicines.

I am the co-founder of Medicine Buddhas,  project manager at the Dharma Lab, co-founder of the Entheogenic Alliance & co-founder of Sexual Integration for Men.

Alongside my spiritual journey I've also worked in the Open Source movement and in a number of web start-ups. The last project I worked on before deciding to focus full time on spiritual transmission was co-founding Video Agent, a start-up applying themes (like WordPress) to web video. I am very grateful for the 15 years spent in the tech world as certain methodologies like open source and lean and agile approaches have the potential to revolutionize spiritual practice as we move out of the age of the guru and towards that of the collective messiah. I test out these approaches at the Dharma Lab, a leaderless sangha focused on rapid iteration and integration of varied awakening technologies.

This is my primary work - that of supporting people as they awaken themselves.

Practically and as ways into this my work falls into 3 main categories:
- Sexual integration work. I work with both men and women around the deep medicine of sex body, emotion and mind.
- Shamanic practices. This includes medicine plants, ceremony and ritual initiation work.
- Sacred vocation coaching.  Working with the path of prosperity, finding your calling and money.

Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
Available After Hours
Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Fascia Release Massage | Lisa Kimble School of Fascia | 3 years
Coaching R550 p/h


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Fearless and present

Sy brings all of himself into his work – I totally trust him. Over several monthgs he has helped me explore so much of myself that has been dormant for years, giving me insight and a will to change things that go to the core of my being. His wisdom and support have been invaluable!

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