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Shirene Botes, Embodied Intimacy Coach
11 Highwick Avenue, Claremont
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Shirene Botes, Embodied Intimacy Coach

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Life Skills
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Shirene Botes, Embodied Intimacy Coach offers Tantra, Life Skills, Workshop Facilitator in Cape Town

Are you having a human experience as a creative force or are you merely the sum of limited programming?

Is what you have been taught to believe about yourself restricting the freedom of your TRUE expression?

Often we find ourselves riddled with dissatisfaction, we all seem to be searching for something... what is that?


Do you realise that you are SO MUCH MORE than just your body and your thoughts?

The Time is NOW! - Birthing into Waking Conscious Expression…
To Know Thyself ~ is the greatest gift we can ever attain! ~

Who are you really?

Your inner Genius thrives in mental, emotional & sexual maturity, as the embodiment of Love! Are you feeling called for cultivating a culture with wiser values?

Tantra, embraced as a life path holds vast potential for finding strength in our vulnerability & authentic power:

  • As a life science & teaching on intimacy for the Soul, it is a gateway into balanced integration (body, mind, emotion, energy & identity).
  • An open-heart-willing-mind, cultivates awareness & understanding and finally comes to rest in the natural state of Being.
  • As you learn to cultivate being in alignment with your genuine values, your TRUE nature begins to blossom, holistically transforming a life of struggle into a life of thriving… from the inside out.
  • Enlivened in your innate knowing you can wholesomely embrace “out of the box living”!


Focused on the realms of inner alchemy, Shirene specialises in Tantric – Bodywork & Meditation Tools, where she brings a deeper inquiry of maturity in relation to genuine intimacy & conscious sexuality.

In a light-hearted manner, as a ‘relationship mechanic’, she utilises a variety of modalities including intimacy & awareness coaching; relationship mentoring; conscious touch training (as is appropriate); trauma release & rebalancing techniques. Tailored to meet each individual this process supports singles & couples of all genders & orientations, through learning the language of embodied Love, which opens the door to find a deeper connection in true fulfilment.

Shirene offers group & private sessions to all seekers of liberated wholeness, through talks; men’s circles; women’s circles; workshops & retreats.

“Coping through developmental trauma and years of sexual abuse I was trapped in fear. An unconscious struggle with my broken self-esteem dictated every choice I made. With fierce tenacity in the search for wholeness, my innate wildness kept calling me home. I only started thriving at 40!! The story of fear became a story of triumph.

Now, I AM Wild-Woman!

Throughout my 6 years of private practice, I have witnessed that the deepest longing expressed by so many is for an intimacy, a gift worth cultivating, that extends far beyond the confines of the bedroom. My life’s work is focused on a curious inquiry into the unspoken language that occurs within and between us. I speak with clarity and open-mindedness around matters of the heart. By expanding the awareness of our true expression, I hold the torch of passion and seek to inspire one heart at a time. I believe that liberation emerges from the space of knowing oneself and stepping into our most natural state of Being.”





  • Conscious-relating (parent/child; office dynamics; life partners etc.)
  • Emotional maturity, genuine intimacy & conscious/sacred sexuality
  • Feeling comfortable with giving/receiving conscious touch
  • Enhanced ability through recognising your freedom through choice
  • Discerning constructive belief systems & healthy boundaries
  • Mind-training,  understanding self-sabotage & emotional stress
  • Releasing cellular memory of past trauma through emotional & body de-armouring
  • Inner Alchemy & Soul-Body-Mind Integration
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5 - 10yr
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Tantric Practitioner | Advait Tantra School SA | 6 Years
Body De-Armouring | Andrew Barnes SA | 1 Years
Energetic Full-Body Orgasm | Andrew Barnes SA | 1 Years
Inner Beauty Master Practitioner | Auradefence International SA | 2 Years
Ananda Siddhi Healer | Pranashakty International SA | 2 Years
Thai & Herbal Compress Massage | Shen Mantra SA | 1 Year
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craig mcgahey's picture
craig mcgahey

Wonderful mens circle experience

I have attended many of Shirenes Mens group circles and have found them very useful with well facilitated discussions on topics men often avoid having by themselves. Her unique experience with intimacy coaching and the other modalities she works with provides interesting angles to spur deep and life changing discussions.
Hakim La Rocca's picture
Hakim La Rocca


A few years ago I was introduced to Shirene Botes by a good friend of mine because of some emotional problems I was experiencing at that moment in my life. Shirene opened up a whole different way of looking at my “problems” and overall made me look at how I journey through this life. I am forever grateful for her tremendous insight and depth of knowledge in the delicate art of healing.

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