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Lenerd Louw - Conscious Sexuality

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Lenerd Louw - Conscious Sexuality  offers Tantra, Massage, Personal Development in Cape Town

My inner purpose is to Awake - to bring Joy, Bliss and Presence to my every moment. To do what I love, and to do that in ease, without striving or pushing.

You can only really share from an overflowing cup, not from a cup half full. When I follow my Bliss, my cup is overflowing. That’s the only place where I share from. When I share from that place, the transmission is clear. The Bliss flows over. It ignites. Something magical happens.

Offerings for Women:
Tantric Yoni Massage. This ancient practise will drop you into deep awareness of your body and your sexuality. It allows release of deeply held tensions and facilitates expansion of your sexuality and consciousness.
Getting this massage from specifically a man in a safe and sacred environment, can be hugely transformational. (I’m happy to do a free 30 minute zoom/tel call first if you feel there are more questions that you would like to ask before booking. It’s important to feel comfortable and at ease.)

Offerings for Men:
Guidance sessions on men’s sexuality. How to be a great lover. How to be present for a women so that she can fully tap into her orgasmic potential and bliss. How to be present in your own body and drop into your own pleasure. How to 'ravish' a woman with your heart open.
In advanced sessions and if you feel the calling, how to become multi orgasmic as a man by distinguishing between orgasm and ejaculation. In other words how to have orgasms without ejaculating. This will allow you to last much longer, make love for hours if you wish, and get her to tap even deeper into her orgasmic potential.

Offerings for Couples:
All of the above 'women' and 'men' offerings, given in a couple’s environment. Plus guidance on love making. How to drop into your orgasmic potential as a couple. How intimacy, vulnerability, opening your heart space and allowing energy to move through your whole body can lead to heightened experiences of bliss and can raise your consciousness and your daily ongoing enjoyment of life. 

About Lenerd: (Author of JUMP! An epic soul and sex adventure)

In 2013 I resigned as CEO of a funky direct insurance company, moved out of the Clifton beach house, sold and gave away all my possessions and bought a backpack and a one way ticket to Lima in Peru. This started a seven year journey of learning and awakening around the world. Five continents and 35 countries.
Each new destination was solely based on where the new learning opportunity was. Many initiations, workshops and trainings across numerous areas followed. Many of these were just beautiful confirmations of what I had been practising on the sexuality front for twenty years prior. However it deepened and expanded it and raised my consciousness, awareness and level of presence to life dramatically.
In 2019 my memoir JUMP! was published by Melinda Ferguson, a leading publisher, and is available at all major bookstores in Southern Africa. The Journey continues, with passionately sharing my learnings from my heart space. (Also see: LenerdLouw.com)

I offer private highly confidential sessions in person at the Waterfront Marina in Cape Town, and also on Zoom. For bookings WhatsApp me on 0027 829019045 or email me at Lenerd@lenerdlouw.com. (I'm also happy to do a free 30 minute zoom/telephone call if need be to clarify my offering and to see if there is a match.)

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Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
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10 - 20yr
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B Com (Law), LLB, Masters in Business Administration / University of Johannesburg
Spiritual Sexual Shamanism Level 1 and 2 / International School of Temple Arts
Tribal Tantra Facilitator Trainng / School of Tribal Tantra, Koh Phangan Thailand
Siddha Kundalini Initiation / Baghsu, India
Crystal and Sacred Geometry Energy Training / Baghsu, India
Reiki Level 1 Initiation / Baghsu, India
Shamanic Journey into the Heart Training / Baghsu, India
Sacred Sexuality Initiation / Israel
Mindscape and Advanced Mindscape (Beyond Right Brain) - Dale Fox / South Africa
Certified Virtual Coach / Eben Pagen, Los Angeles, USA
Two hours to 90 mins (minimum for a yoni massage) - R1900. One hour (other sessions) - R1200. International Zoom calls - $100 per hour. (Packages of 6 sessions or more highly recommended, at discounted rates)


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You are a rare find indeed

Dear Lenerd, I would like to thank you for the beautiful treatment. When I first booked a yoni massage I was so uncertain, but the way you put me at ease and created a safe space was unparalleled. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable, for guiding me, and for having such patience for the emotional release that followed. You never made me feel silly for crying or being angry, and just confidently guided me through it. I also would like to share that I experienced a very big shift in my circumstances - I decided to have the brave conversations as you suggested, and it’s all moving in a positive direction but more importantly, I feel so much more in touch with myself. I feel clear on the messages from my body and emotions. I really love with how much integrity you do this work. Thank you. You are a rare find indeed.
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Yoni Massage

Thank you Lenerd Receiving a yoni massage from you in a safe and professional environment was transformative for me. I really appreciate that I can be vulnerable in my femininity while being ‘held’ by your masculine presence. I felt safe to be myself. Your experience and professionalism feels rock solid - thank you. And.. I really appreciate your light hearted, sincere approach to living life fully.

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