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Dancing Dragon - Tantra & Shamanic Arts Cape Town
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Dancing Dragon - Tantra & Shamanic Arts Cape Town

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Dancing Dragon - Tantra & Shamanic Arts Cape Town offers Tantra, Massage, Shamanism in Cape Town

Dancing Dragon Tantra empowers you to awaken, cultivate and lead shakti-kundalini - the sacred creative energy pulsating at the root of life, consciousness and sexuality.

Release emotional and energetic blockages like fear, shame, jealousy and self-judgement to expand your capacity to experience the bliss, freedom and innate wisdom of your awakening life force energy. 

Master this energy to become a more sensitive, skilled and playful lover and to access deeper pleasure with your partners.

Embrace and harness the energies of desire and sexuality as a source of transcendent bliss, creativity, abundance and flow. 

Dance and play with this energy to shift, digest and transmute “stuck” patterns and experience the blissful the union of emptiness and awareness.

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience, I work with women, men and couples in absolute discretion, privacy and respect using a variety of modalities including dialogue, touch, breath, voice, sound, movement, ritual and plant medicines.




Relax and expand into bliss with sensual touchwork inspired by kashmiri massage and samvahan vibrational touch. Dropping into spacious presence, I channel shakti with sensitive, resonant touch to activate and liberate your bliss-body, encouraging you to release tension through breath, voice, and spontaneous movement.

Training and Mentoring

If you are interested in exploring your own tantrik path, I offer one-on-one guidance and training incorporating dialogue as well as solo and partner practices that integrate breath, voice (mantra), movement, visualisation and shaktipat transmission. This training will empower you to not only unlock deeper levels of bliss and become a more sensitive and skilful lover, but also to cultivate shakti to access a more profound sense of purpose and energy to pursue your own path in truth, beauty and love.

Shamanic Ceremonies

To deepen your journey of self-inquiry, experience your spirited connection with all our relations, and bring awareness to deeper mental-emotional patterns, I offer shamanic ritual journeywork incorporating sacred instruments (didjeridoo, medicine drum, shaker) augmented by plant sacraments.

About me:
My work as a social scientist and father is nurtured and inspired by my spiritual path - an assemblage of shamanic, taoist, buddhist and tantrik practices. After initially encountering buddhist and taoist philosophy through my training in martial arts since 1990, I began training in taoist qigong in 1997, training with teachers including Chandana Muthunayake, Max Weier, and Del Pe.

My interest in shamanic practices began in my late teens, when I learned of the trance dances of the San. I began exploring shamanism and entheogens in 1997, and have worked intimately with teonanacatl, wachuma and ayahuasca. My shamanic calling has introduced me to the sacred instruments of the didjeridoo, shaker and Lakota medicine drum.

Since 2009, I have also practiced elements of kundalini and vinyasa yoga as well as tibetan yoga (trulkhor and tsa loong). At the same time, I also began a love affair with conscious dance, exploring modalities including Nia, 5 rhythms, Expressive Movement, Tandava, Movement Medicine and Ecstatic Dance.

I received shaktipat in 2009 from Dr Carey, who traces his line of transmission via Dr Ram Bhosle to the well-known guru Bhagawan Nityananda. This transmission activated the movement of shakti, awakening the shaking medicine, which regularly arises when I expand into emptiness and bliss.

Working with a dynamic blend of dialogue, vocalisation, sacred sounds, resonant touch and tantrik pranayama, I am stepping into my calling as a guide and channel for shakti, sharing my gifts with authentic seekers.

I am a registered member of Intimacy Coaching International (ICI), and abide by the ICI code of conduct.

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20yr +
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M.A. Historical Anthropology | Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg | 5 years
Pranayama | Yogi Ramacharaka | 30 years
Qigong | Chandana Muthunayake, Max Weier, Del Pe | 20+ years
Shaking Medicine | Dr Cary | 10 years
Tantrik Coaching & Shakti-touch massage R1600 (initial 2.5h session - subsequent sessions may be discounted)


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Powerful awakening

I have dabbled in many types of meditation and introspective practices and my 2 hour dancing dragon session With Flo was A wonderful and extremely powerful experience. The blending of different modalities worked seemlesly and helped open my energy channels and I felt safe with Flo holding space. For anyone who had practiced Qi Gong or shaking medicine this will deepen your practice and for those who are curious, you couldn't ask for a better practitioner than Flo to guide you in this journey. Flo also has incredible Historical and academic knowledge on these practices and was so willing to chat about His experiences with the practice and gave me space to share mine. Overall this was a beautiful and significant activation For me and I definitely recommend it to others wanting to explore their own kundulini energies.

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