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Therapy and Guidance
Landi Snow - Tantra  offers Tantra, Massage, Therapy and Guidance in Cape Town

Intuitive Soul Guide • Tantric Practitioner • Holding Space for Personal Transformation... with Grace and Love.

As a guide my calling is to support others as they step into their highest and most sacred expression of Self. I serve as a bridge between where they are and where they want to be, supporting the cultivation of lives deep and rich with meaning, presence, authenticity, and integrity. I take a holistic approach to my therapy sessions within a somatic/energetic/transpersonal paradigm.

While my practice is informed by a wide range of modalities, teachers, channels, mystical & ancient traditions, most notably the philosophy and practice of non-dual Kashmiri Shaiva Tantra; I do not subscribe to any dogma, preferring to teach from the sacred wisdom of the Deep Feminine, the Way of the Heart, and my own direct, lived experience and inquiry, integrated into a grounded, practical, and embodied spirituality.

I hold strong and clear energetic boundaries and in this container of safety the sessions can naturally soften into an openness and spontaneous fluidity. I am inspired by an inclusive and transparent approach that allows for the fullest expression of consciousness to emerge. The space is held with deep awareness, sensitivity, and compassion, with a guiding principle and unwavering orientation towards Truth.

A broad overview of some of the areas I work in  -

• Spiritual Guidance & Inquiry.

• Guidance on Conscious Relating, Intimacy, and Sexuality.

• Bodywork / Massage - A deep healing journey of conscious, loving touch with a strong focus on subtle energy and supporting the nervous system (which governs our fight/flight response). This practice is good for-

⁃ Deep meditative relaxation, re-sensitising the body to touch, bringing the heart and mind into coherence, while fascilitating a connection to one's own deep well of resilience, inspiration, and creativity. This is an opportunity to come deeply home to yourself. 
⁃ Clearing energy blocks in the body where the tension of inner neglect and the stress & pressure of an intense world is held; bringing one to an expansive state of lightness, connection, clarity, vitality, deep inner harmony and balance. When we slow down the body, the mind can slow down too. In liberating our life force energy in this way, we can operate from our full capacity and at peak performance. Opening ourselves to connecting more intimately to our own body and experience creates trust that allows for deep and lasting awareness and change to take place. This deepening intimacy with ourselves in turn deepens intimacy with those around us and life itself.

We are all on a journey of remembering our wholeness, who we truly are. And we all need some gentleness right now as we navigate this radically changing world. As a professional space holder and experienced path walker, it is my absolute joy to offer myself as a support and sanctuary for those on the path during these intense, sometimes inexplicable, and accelerated times we are living in. We need not do it alone, helpers are available and ready to support us. And the beauty of the path is, it always meets us right where we are. All that is required of us is the willingness to meet ourselves in our totality with appreciation, sincerity and courage.

I welcome you with an open heart. Your experience is welcome here. Your vulnerability is safe here. Your wisdom is honoured here. The whole of you is received here. May I be a friend to you as you awaken the light and infinite love and potential in yourself, the intrinsic joy and radiance that is your birthright.

For general enquiries or to schedule an appointment you may contact me on 0767493042 (whatsapp/text message only please). For more detailed enquiries you may email me

With Infinite Love


Tantra Cape Town Massage Tantric Practitioner

Open Time: 
Varies - please enquire
Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Centre of Applied Jungian Studies 2014 - 2016
Advait Tantra School 2016 - 2020
Avalon Ashram 2018 - 2020
Various / Other / Private
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Matthew C


Thank you Landi. I am so privileged to have met such a compassionate, authentic and loving wise soul. I leave our sessions every time with so much more than when I arrived. I leave with an overwhelming sense of self love and so much more at peace with what is going on in my life. You see me and that feels so good! I am grateful for our time together.
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I feel blessed. Thank you. Truly an awe inspiring experience. You are a truly beautiful person.

Uniquely Recommended

I have known Landi for a number of years and been very close to her for much of that time. While I have not been her client per se, I have been gifted by her depth, her company and her wisdom as a woman in ways most profound. She expresses deep integrity in her being, and her power as a woman is held and wielded with a unique gentleness. I can recommend to anyone, man or woman, that you will derive great value and benefit in associating with this very authentic dakini. She understands sexuality in the context of deep love and relational intimacy in a way that is rare these days when so many people present themselves as teachers of Tantra but don't necessarily embody the full depth of understanding required to genuinely serve others in that mode. She embodies heart more than anything and her guidance in the context of sexuality is deeply rooted there. On that basis alone I can recommend her work very strongly. She is also someone who will go the distance. As a practitioner in my own work, this quality is one I respect profoundly. And is necessary for those who are serious about their own evolution.
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Energy healing

Landi has a way of making you feel at peace and open. After the session I left feeling things I had not anticipated nor expected. I felt energised and connected to something deeper in myself. At first I thought it was a connection to her, but now I know it was more a deeper connection to myself that she had opened. I needed less sleep and felt more energy throughout my days. I went and saw her a second time, as I had so many questions after the first session. And again, I felt so much love and energy after the second session. I was learning how to feel again and to really feel my sexual experiences more deeply. I had lost the connection to myself and my feelings which in turn didn’t allow me to feel any deep connections with others. I am so very grateful for meeting Landi and spending time with her. She has helped me learn so much about myself.
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Highly recommend

It has been my privilege to meet and to know Landi for the past four months. I came to Landi during a dark and confusing period in my own life as I face the turbulent transition into a new developmental stage. I felt lost and ill at ease and I sought out Landi in an attempt to deal with the enormous loss of declining sexual vitality. Landi presented as a professional healer in a tranquil and contained setting, establishing my reasons for attending the session and explaining the process to follow. Meditation and an attitude of reverence provided the boundaries for an experience that can only be described as “abiding and attending to whatever arises”; there was no pressure and I was encouraged to relax and let go in order to commence an engagement with the subtle energies of the body. Although I started my journey with bodywork, that soon shifted to talk sessions involving spiritual guidance and reference to teachings. Landi has facilitated the opening of spiritual gateways and introduced me to experiences which have been transformative to me. My weekly sessions with Landi are characterised by love, warmth and intimacy. She is able to convey and sustain a deep and abiding interest, focus, presence, care and compassion and does so with empathy and humour. Landi is an intelligent, curious, dedicated advocate of the Spiritual Path as demonstrated by her Ethical Practice of “first do no harm” and her commitment and ardour in pursuing her own practice, and to deepening and broadening her own engagement with Awareness. I highly recommend her as a Healer and a Teacher.

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