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Pearl Tantra offers Tantra, Massage, Yoga in Cape Town

We are Turiya Dakini and Lyndsay Muse.

In humble service of Truth and Love we walk alongside individuals on their journeys, within the all-encompassing framework of Tantra spiritual science.

Working with 2 female practitioners offers one the rare opportunity to work with feminine energies merging together in wholeness - a profound practice.

Our direct reference point is the body. This is where much is held, revealed, released and integrated. The bulk and initial groundwork is made up of embodiment practices - massage, touch, movement and breath work drawing from a range of deeply lived methods like yoga asanas and pranayama, voicing, de-armouring etc.

Initial sessions generally consist of 4 Hand Tantric Massage. A yogini on each side of the body provides clear exploration of one's left and right qualities of feminine and masculine energies. Also the continuation of touch that 4 hand provides helps flow the energy more easily through the entire chakra system.

Our intention is to get energy moving in a prepared safe container - both in the session space and the body. We take great care not to overtax the nervous system whilst growing the capacity to cope with the increase of energy flow as we gently clear and open up the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

To support our whole-being approach we further employ meditation, enquiry, awareness exercises and coaching in our ongoing deepening sessions with sincere seekers.

In close collaboration we explore the intricacies and feelings in relating, intimacy, sexuality, patterns, conditioning and archetypes.

People who are drawn to working with us are willing to be guided through intuitive processes and are open to a surrender to the feminine way. The clearly defined container allows us together to tap the true receptivity, sensitivity, beauty, chaos, creativity, nourishment, love and power of the Feminine Itself.

We especially extend this invitation to women. This offering was born of Turiya Lynne and Lyndsay Muse, our coming together in sisterhood - there is a story. After supporting the masculine, working with many men, our practice is now ripe and beckoning to be shared with more sisters. 2 women becomes 3 and so on, continuing to ripple. Women have immeasurable riches and healing to offer one another and it is our sincere wish to meet the needs of the embodied feminine.

Off Street Parking
Wheelchair accessible
Available After Hours
Gender Exclusive: 
2 - 5yr
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Advait Tantra School / 2015-present
Fascia Release Massage / Liza Kimble / 2016-present
Yoga Teacher Training / Jax Jai / Viktor van der Kleij / 2007-present
R3500 per 2hr session


Truth Seeker's picture
Truth Seeker

This is a beautiful practice.

This is a beautiful practice. Lynne and Lyndsay create a space of real tenderness where I have been able to completely let go. Powerful energy - both stretching me beyond myself, and holding me during some difficult times. Highly recommended.
Paul's picture

Such warmth, such love

As a complete newcomer to Tantra and having a less than basic understanding of this beautiful practice, I had no idea what to expect when first I visited Pearl Tantra. I was very quickly put at ease and as I heard the words of Lyndsay and Lynne I realised that I had arrived exactly where I needed to be at the exact time I needed to be there. These beautiful teachers have helped me, through their wise words and wonderful, powerful bodywork to find the way forward that I have been seeking for years.
Dakini Wendy's picture
Dakini Wendy

What is the Value of Truth?

Your personal experience is of great value and when it is explored directly because you want to know what is Real and what is True then the Pearl Essence starts to emerge. Throughout the centuries spiritual seekers of all traditions have sought this Pearl, sometimes though extraordinary difficulties they discover the True Self. Lyndsay and Lynne are spiritual healers who facilitate integration of aspects of the personality that in their embodiment refine personal integrity and purity. I invite and recommend that you receive their touch on your inner journey, a precious gift to yourself!

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