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My Urban Retreat @ The Core Fit Centre (6th Floor) The Regent Building, 19 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town
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My Urban Retreat l My Boutique Retreat l CT Reiki

LISTING > Reiki, Workshop Facilitator  in Cape Town

Workshop Facilitator
My Urban Retreat l My Boutique Retreat l CT Reiki offers Reiki, Workshop Facilitator, Meditation in Cape Town

I am an accredited Reiki Master Teacher (Level 4 ), TFH Kinesiology & Shiatsu Practitioner, also I facilitate Meditation & Well-Being Workshop with 8 years experience & over 2500 reiki hrs in practice.

I am intuitive & active healer meaning that I am able to help find the initial cause of any issues presenting themselves & help you work through it.

I offer healing journey packages & give guidance to help you have a positive life shift. I then help you learn to incorporate holistic practices into you daily life to stay in balance.

I am fascinated by the journey of my clients, what has brought them to be as they are and there is nothing more rewarding than watching them positively grow through guidance and self-work.

MY URBAN RETREAT launched 5 years ago & has since spread it’s wings into her sister company My Boutique Retreat offering bespoke private retreats in & around Cape Town & for Corporate.

The Cape Town Reiki School launched in late 2016 with great success teaching both Western style & Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki.

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Wheelchair accessible
Available After Hours
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5 - 10yr
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Accredited Usui Reiki Master Teacher (Level 4)
Advanced Intuitive Healing
TFH Kinesiology(™)
Meditation & Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator
Shiatsu Practitioner
Basic Counselling
Offering dependent
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Graham R's picture
Graham R

Reiki Revelation

Charmaine is a true Master of Reiki. Being a first timer of energy healing she guided me gently through a series of meditations, each one of which miraculously enabled me to source the energy required to apply the healing process. As she moved through the chakras the energy tangibly moved with her. Her debrief after the session was detailed, succinct and insightful revealing her natural intuition. I left every session feeling at peace and with a sense of wellness which I had not experienced for many years. I highly recommend this therapy and the Master who works wonders at My Urban Retreat.
Lindsay's picture

Healing the mind, body and soul

I have been going to My Urban Retreat for 10 years now, I can highly recommend Charmaine as the best Reiki Teacher around. She is so lovely, professional, and insightful and really makes you feel at ease. She offers accurate spiritual guidance with her reiki healing. I always take the healing packages, if I have gone through a difficult patch in life with many life adjustments. Modern life and the daily demands that seem never-ending can take its toll on the mind, body and soul. The package I use, allows me to go on a little retreat which I like spread over 3 weeks. Charmaine creates a safe and gentle space, allowing you to drift into a deep relaxing trance like state which feels like pure bliss. You can feel the energy pour into you, each time I go to Charmaine the energy connection feels even stronger. I have also done distant Reiki with Charmaine when she is not in Cape Town, and it’s just as powerful. I definitely recommend Charmaine, especially if you are in need of space clearing, restoration, re-alignment, energy replenishment, mindfulness and to connect with yourself again. Pure energy work that is so powerful and grounding and that’s exactly what we all need from time to time these days.
DG, Singapore's picture
DG, Singapore

Reiki with Charmaine

I was feeling a lot of neck and back pain as I was under a lot of stress and pressure at work and was feeling very low on energy. I immediately thought of reiki as I had experienced it before but this time I was very lucky to have found Charmaine, she is truly beautiful and special. Just wanted to thank you for all your kindness and support and for helping me to realise I must love and look after myself first. It was a beautiful experience and even though I left feeling exhausted and a bit overwhelmed I was more positive and calm after seeing you. I am so grateful to have to met you and to be able to share this powerful experience with you. Thank you so much for everything and looking forward to seeing you again soon. Lots of love! DG – Singapore
Dr. Anne Caley (GP) UK's picture
Dr. Anne Caley ...

Reiki Package

“Towards the end of 2013, I was experiencing a rather stagnant period of my life, not sure what I should be doing, where I should be doing it or even who I should be doing it with. My 40th birthday was fast approaching which added to my (dis)stress and frankly I was feeling rather lost. Flicking through the Wellness magazine, one article in particular jumped out at me – describing the author’s experience of Reiki healing at My Urban Retreat with Charmaine Haig -it sounded like just what I needed. Being a skeptical Brit, I put it on the side for a while and carried on feeling sluggish and dissatisfied for a few more days until I could stand it no more. What did I have to loose? Absolutely nothing…. Having arranged an appointment with Charmaine for an initial consultation I turned up feeling slightly anxious. With hindsight this was ridiculous as I left feeling ‘listened to’ and ‘loved’ and was looking forward to my next appointment the following week which was scheduled to be the 1st of 5 Reiki healing sessions. I never anticipated how Reiki would make me feel so grounded and full of warmth, love and life. I would leave each session with a beaming smile (and full of joy) and would feel revitalised for several following days with a greater sense of ‘self’. The effect of the sessions has not been limited to a short period of time but has changed the way I think about and live my life. I am so grateful to Charmaine for not only conducting the Reiki healing for me, but also for the helpful readings, hints and tips she gave me and the chats we have had between sessions. I can not recommend her highly enough because I can honestly say that she has helped me open my eyes not only to ‘my life’ but to the power and beauty of the universe in which I belong.
Tara McGovern's picture
Tara McGovern

Master Reiki

REIKI was beyond anything I could have imagine - no words except thank you My Urban Retreat for the most amazing sense of safety and love that went through my being - I am a believer! Only regret is why it took me almost 2 years to build up nerves to do it
Kelly Rice's picture
Kelly Rice

Reiki Energy Healing

I was unsure as to what would happen at my first Reiki session, but Charmaine put me at ease and guided me through the treatment. I am based in London - when she is next over I will be rebooking. Thank you Charmaine
Stephen Kailey's picture
Stephen Kailey

Meditation and Chakra Work

Incredibly serene experience. Needed to unwind and replenish - feel focused and ready for anything. Thank you so much!
Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch's picture
Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch

Distant Reiki, House Clearing and Reiki

Charmaine has helped me theough both reiki and distant healing to understand what is going on in my personal life and how to help me change how I am feeling and be happier with myself. She is so incredibly talented and I can't even describe how she can can connect to you like that but she does and its intense and amazing at the same time. Definitely recommend reiki, meditation and a distant healing if you can't go see her in person.
Simone Lategan's picture
Simone Lategan

Master Reiki

Reiki with Charmaine has helped me heal and grow in every way. I highly recommend going to her!
Olivea Seay's picture
Olivea Seay

Reiki & Guidance

Reiki with Charmaine is amazing! She offered the deeply intuitive yet gentle care that I needed at that moment in my life. Reiki with her was the beginning of a long yet necessary journey in healing myself. There's no one I'd rather go to for guidance and care.

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