Lorraine Vorsatz
Pinelands, Cape Town
083 292 5177 - lorrainevorsatz@gmail.com  
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Lorraine Vorsatz

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Lorraine Vorsatz offers Reiki in Cape Town

My journey with Reiki began ten years ago. I felt completely energised after my first treatment, and within a few days my life started unravelling as limiting patterns started coming to the fore, forcing me to face them and grow into a better life. 

I started going for treatments every six weeks. Reiki was clearing energy patterns and assisting my growth in consciousness and alignment. Every treatment dealt with a different aspect of my life.

After having my third child, I left my accounting job and completed my level three Reiki master teacher training. I kept one foot in the corporate world, doing the books for clients whilst raising my kids and practising Reiki from home. This balance helped me to remain in touch with the realities faced by my Reiki clients working office jobs in our fast-paced world.

For many years, I could not describe how or what Reiki heals. While there are many benefits detailed in the handbooks and online, what resonated most with me is how the modality helps to clear old energy, allowing one to grow in awareness and consciousness and align with flow.

With growth in awareness, we become aware of old patterns. We consciously start changing our energy patterns - even the programs that run from the subconscious. We feel balanced and strong enough to make positive changes.

Reiki is a beautiful, gentle healer. My kids love that I am attuned to Reiki, especially my teenage son. When he finds it difficult to sleep after a mentally hard day at school he asks for a little treatment. No matter where in the world I find myself, I can offer some sort of first aid for any discomfort, using my hands and this powerful gift.

I love giving Reiki treatments, and my future goal is to teach and attune more practitioners. I am especially interested in teaching moms so that they can use the tool to help their kids on a regular basis.

10 - 20yr
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Reiki Master Practitioner


Denise's picture


Great article for people new to Reiki
Lulu Erasmus's picture
Lulu Erasmus


Lorraine is so divinely connected , i saw that from a mile away .Hence i chose her to be my reiki practitioner ,after each session with her i have had profound shifts in my life for the better. Totally can advise a session with her.
Janine Cottle-Claassen's picture
Janine Cottle-C...


My experience with Reiki has been nothing short of amazing. I find it relaxing and it gives me inner peace after feeling stressed or anxious. Lorraine's energy is always positive and one feeds off that. I will definitely recommend a treatment with her.
Karen Baker's picture
Karen Baker


Uplifting is the best way to describe a session of Reiki with Lorraine. She is positive and loving and you feel that right through the whole session and afterwards. The treatment gives me much needed stress relief and clarity when I have been struggling. I can 100% recommend a session.
Marilyn Mohamed's picture
Marilyn Mohamed

After my Reiki treatment with

After my Reiki treatment with Lorraine, I felt grounded and clear minded to make decisions to help me make life changes
Saajid Kamaar's picture
Saajid Kamaar


Absolutely awesome. Being in Lorraine's presence made me feel safe and protected (and i'm a man lol). I went to Lorraine when my whole life was just a blur of events. Now Two years later I have some sort of direction again. My next session is long overdue. Love you Lorraine.
Zoë Nash's picture
Zoë Nash

Reiki Treatment with Lorraine

Great reiki session with Lorraine, who also happens to be my aunt. Her reiki treatment gave me calmness and life direction. She is such a positive person and passed her positive energy on to me, the reiki treatment definitely affected me in a good way. Thank you Lorraine.

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