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Pearl Tantra offers Tantra, Shamanism in Cape Town


A path of The Heart, of Love expressed as Devotion.

Many pathways lead here - from simply being curious about Tantra to the seeking of intimacy to that longing existential inquiry - and all is welcomed with humility and grace.

So what whispers set your heart on fire?!?!?!


Emanating as Pearl Tantra, a shamanic tantrik yoga practice born in Cape Town. Tantra loosely refers to the transmutation of sexual or dense frequency energy into Divine energy.

Our direct reference point is the body, where much is held, revealed, released and integrated. The bulk and initial groundwork is made up of embodiment practices - breathwork, massage, touch and movement drawing from a range of deeply lived methods like yoga asanas and pranayama, voicing, fascia release, trauma releasing exercises...


Sessions typically consist of the powerful combo of consult inquiry and embodiment. Initially guided by myself - tantrika and founder of Pearl Tantra, Mana Muse - the practice is for individuals as well as couples.

In-person sessions are dependent on my location and discretion.

Online sessions are a worthwhile exploration in and of themselves and now is the perfect time. As with all things working online has some limitations, however most parts of the practice can be included and it is proving a valuable container for creativity, mirroring and consolidating connection with oneself. I am enlivened by the opportunity for new emerging creations and in establishing solid foundations toward potential practise in person.

Working with 2 practitioners (2nd female or male) is also available, and in particular 4-hand bodywork is the Pearl Tantra signature offering.

For sincere practitioners who are called and ready, I facilitate next level initiation, including bodywork training, toward formally and safely sharing practice with others.


Insight into the roots of our exploration…

What Is Who Is??

An embodied journey toward surrendered Presence, through which life force can flow and we are truly breathed moved and expressed perhaps even into orgasmicness for Life itself.

Heart Light Sound

Heart activation and healing takes place through working with light and sound energy frequencies (sound is light in the form of motion, a way to move light). Meditating on the receiving and giving loop of sustainable energy, to a final resting into the abyss of silence and the stillness of nothingness.


In slowing down, we bring consciousness and reverence into as many moments as we can. In this opening to Life there is the gift of the channel for communion and prayer, through which we can also integrate Oneness down into daily life as ceremony. Ordinary takes on new depth of meaning and sparkle of essence.


All-inclusive package...

Mind & overview

Art of Touch (from receiving to giving ~ bodywork training)

Sacred relationship (intimacy & sexuality ~ relational expansion deepening)

Shadow keys & Gifts (desire ~ compromise ~ commitment ~ lightness ~ competence)


Mapping through genetic coding intro (optional)


The ongoing integration of this practice is based upon contemplation, the sweet spot to be discovered between concentration (effort) and meditation (no effort).

Those drawn to Pearl Tantra are willing to be guided through intuitive processes and are open to the flow of the feminine way. Having a clearly defined container allows relaxation into the true receptivity, sensitivity, beauty, chaos, creativity, nourishment, vulnerability and strength of The Deep Feminine Itself, which in turn gives rise to The Divine Masculine, within the individual and therefore greater collective. Pearl Tantra is birthed of my experience. In putting all questions, ideas and expectations aside, the offering is for pure receiving through direct experience.

You are invited to trust, take a pause with me, and enter the stream into the wildness of your ecstatic heart.

And so, just as many pathways that lead here continue from here as One.


“To be devoted means to lie forever in the lap of the Divine.” - Richard Rudd


For simple enquiries and to schedule an appointment please contact me on +27791744152 via WhatsApp or Telegram MESSAGE ONLY.

For more detailed enquiries email me at



Available After Hours
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5 - 10yr
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Yoga Teacher Training | Moving In Awareness | Viktor van der Kleij | 2014-2019
Tantra Practice & Initiation | Sy Tzu & Wendy Dakini | 2015-2019
Shamanic Practice & Initaition | Sy Tzu & Vee Borg | 2015-2019
Fascia Release Massage | Liza Kimble | 2016-2019
Shamanic Family Constellations | Guilherme Barcellos C. Souza | 2017-present
Various ongoing community practice and moderation
On request


Ilona's picture

Authentic Tantric Shamanism Online

I did several online sessions with Mana with the intention to deeply inquire and shed some light on something that has been sitting with me for a long time. By expressing herself in full authenticity and with her wholeness of body mind and soul, I felt very safe in her presence, totally heard and seen. ALL of me welcomed whilst led by her spiritual, empathic and grounded way that carries such wisdom and deep inner knowing. Mana held space for me, listened when it was needed and encouraged me to speak my truth - or pause - when it was needed. She has this rare and very beautiful sensibility to feel into things and… yes… into me and what stirred in me, always channeling resonant words reflective of the moment. There was no perceived push only loving guidance to tap into the depths of inner knowing within me. Generally I have been somewhat hesitant around online sessions assuming obstacles to their benefit, however I was amazed by the strong connection and energetic transmission I felt in our meetings online. A creative soul lives in Mana and she has a wide range of ways, some of which can seem unusually challenging at first yet always integrous and most refreshing in truth. THANK YOU Mana. I love and honour the important work you are doing.
James's picture

A Year of Muse

It was 2 years ago I met Mana Muse. An intense year of initiation into the depths of truth, love and death followed. While the story of our work together is a tale of many wonders, the change in me is perhaps more useful to share here. My relationship with myself has changed, self reflected in me, world and women. Guided by the Muse I have settled into a deep surrender to life in all her moods. During the year I sailed and worked under the ocean in the frozen lands of Antarctica, lost a best friend to a car crash, lost my father to heart disease, built a house out of mud, held my mother through deep mental disturbance and loved, lost and loved again. I feel like I have become an adult, finally at 34. I have become a man too perhaps, not by force or discipline but by deep surrender to my feminine. An unraveling of layers of personal and collective trauma holding me back from authentic expression of my authentic masculine core. I relate to women differently, cleansed of many deep programs of scarcity and control. The Muse had teachings, techniques and transmissions, at times she wowed me with her wisdom and at times enraged me with her very being. Through it all she held me in presence and love and that is where the healing happened. I remain ever grateful for the gift that she shares for the liberation of all beings.
Ofer 's picture

Love priestesses

So grateful to have met these loving and warm women. Present in our shared moments, filled with love, intimate and warm. This experience was definitely one of the best if not the best intimate experience I have ever had. Taking me through a journey of bliss and joy, peaceful and safe, true and contained. It opened my heart and made me feel the rhythm of this gentle breath and touch several days after. Using their voices in the session, with the combination of their presence and touch, creates an unearthly being, taking you to another dimension and then back again safe and weightless, filled with gratitude and love.
Johnathan 's picture

Cape Town Pearls

If you are searching for authenticity and caring comfort in a safe kind atmosphere this is where you want to be. Warm combination of 2 lovely tantra practitioners who deliver from the heart if you can let them Quiet and friendly environment in a super open space with all the attention and care you could possibly need or desire. Just. Right.
Anonymous's picture

Amazing Experience

I travel frequently from London to Cape Town and all I can say is WOW. Spending time with Mana and Turiya is the most special experience one can have. An amazing flow of energy the entire during the entire session. Cannot wait for my next visit to spend more time with these 2 amazing ladies.
Dakini Wendy's picture
Dakini Wendy

What is the Value of Truth?

Your personal experience is of great value and when it is explored directly because you want to know what is Real and what is True then the Pearl Essence starts to emerge. Throughout the centuries spiritual seekers of all traditions have sought this Pearl, sometimes though extraordinary difficulties they discover the True Self. Mana and Tuyria are spiritual healers who facilitate integration of aspects of the personality that in their embodiment refine personal integrity and purity. I invite and recommend that you receive their touch on your inner journey, a precious gift to yourself!
Paul's picture

Such warmth, such love

As a complete newcomer to Tantra and having a less than basic understanding of this beautiful practice, I had no idea what to expect when first I visited Pearl Tantra. I was very quickly put at ease and as I heard the words of Mana and Turiya realised that I had arrived exactly where I needed to be at the exact time I needed to be there. These beautiful teachers have helped me, through their wise words and wonderful, powerful bodywork to find the way forward that I have been seeking for years.
Truth Seeker's picture
Truth Seeker

This is a beautiful practice.

This is a beautiful practice. Mana and Turiya create a space of real tenderness where I have been able to completely let go. Powerful energy - both stretching me beyond myself, and holding me during some difficult times. Highly recommended.

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