Dancing for Life on Earth
20 Sep,
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Dancing for Life on Earth

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This is an invitation to come together for an evening of dance with and for all that is alive in us right now.

These are such intense and turbulent times we are living through! Every day we see and hear news of destruction, violence, atrocities humans perpetrate on each other and the planet: whether it is the fires in the Amazon, the Congo, Siberia and the Arctic, biodiversity loss, the impact of climate change, the ongoing war in Syria, or the poverty, violence and injustice closer to home.

Grief, sadness, anger, helplessness, despair and numbness can be some of the emotions that arise in response. Perhaps we feel the pain of the world so deeply that we become paralysed by the immensity of our emotions. Or we feel so overwhelmed that we want to tune out this ‘noise’, feeling that we cannot do anything about it anyway. Or we go into action overdrive mode which then leaves us burned out.

Movement and connection in community are two resources we can tap into at this time of crisis, uncertainty and great change. Suppressing emotions requires a lot of energy, energy that could otherwise be used to resource ourselves and to take positive action. “What is split off, not felt, remains the same. When it is felt, it changes... A few moments of feeling it in your body allows it to change.”(Eugene Gendlin).

But this is something we cannot do alone. We need each other more than ever at this time. To witness and support each other in our grief, to spark each other's creativity and courage and to remind each other of who we really are... choiceful, interconnected, each one of us with an opportunity and a gift to make a difference in the world. As we strengthen the connections between us, we build resilience and grow our ability to respond, not from a place of panic and overwhelm but from groundedness, clarity and love.

I invite you to come and join us as we

  • create ground in our moving bodies
  • sense what is going on for us at this time of crisis,
  • find expression and release
  • resource ourselves,
  • witness, connect with and support each other and
  • offer up our prayers for the Earth and all our relations.

We will conclude the evening with some time of sharing and simply being together.

Everyone is welcome! The practices we will use are accessible to all, there will be music and guidance to support you.

This event is by donation to cover venue costs. All extra profit will be donated to charity.

Please arrange liftshares via this FB event page here https://www.facebook.com/events/924064174642197/

About Petra
Petra Bongartz is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher with Level 3 Advanced Training. Petra’s  teaching is informed by her passion for life and deep love for the Earth. Her intention is to inspire, support and connect people so that we can all play our part in creating a better world for all. She has over 13 years’ experience of facilitating groups in Africa, Europe and Asia. Her work is inspired by poetry, The Work that Reconnects and spending time in nature, connecting with all creatures great and small, from snails to elephants.

More at www.movingintoconnection.com
More about Movement Medicine at www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com

Cost / Pricing: 
by donation
Teacher / Instructor: 
Petra Bongartz (Moving into Connection)

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