Shamanic Plant Medicine Journey
10 Aug, 6:30pm to 11 Aug, 11:00am

Shamanic Plant Medicine Journey

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Our Sacred Gaia Gatherings are essentially a healing, ascension and sound journey experience held by experienced lightworkers and healers that have come together to unblock and unlock your light body and your inner light!  These ceremonies are held once a month in JHB and CT and are in a sacred setting in our specifically designed temples. Join our team for your activation into the dream that is your beautiful being and life! 

This is an overnight experience and is commonly attended by those seeking spiritual growth, those dealing with depression and those trying to get off of pharmaceutical medication.  We have had phenominal results with all our clients over the 5 years of being in service. Raise your consciousness, activate your light and join our tribe! 

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Brigitte Heeb



I have attended four Sacred Gaia Gathering ceremonies with Brigitte, the first one being about two and half years ago. The first Ceremony Ceremony left me in absolute awe and amazement as I was opened up to a world I had no idea existed. I was left with a great sense of joy and lightness as I was "re-connected"to my heart and liberated from the constraints of my mental chit chatter. Since then I have attended a further three Ceremonies all of which have had their unique lessons and furthered my awakened state. Brigitte is a wonderful person who I have complete trust in, she is fully dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable space for those involved, whose experience provides a space environment for healing. 


I suffered with PTSD and depression from a traumatic event that happened to me 2 years ago. Brigette's ceremony opened my eyes and my soul. It taught me that I don't have to define myself through my pain. This journey opened my heart and my eyes. I recommend it to anyone wanting to heal or even learn more about spiritually and themselves. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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