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Aether Herbalist & Apothecary

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Our purpose & mission is to expand the use of herbal medicines in South Africa & the world as a whole. To remind our brothers & sisters of the age old practice of herbalism.

Our love and passion for the medicinal power of plants & mushrooms has inspired us to create this botanical dispensary & through our products as well as assistance we hope to aid people in cultivating healthy practices as part of a holistic lifestyle.

We have many different options in our armamentarium including herbal tinctures, powders, mushrooms, superfoods, adaptogens & more

We are a proud VEGAN, Earth loving company based in a small village in the Eastern Cape called Haga Haga


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Nature's Magic

AetherApothecary allows you to boost your health and lifestyle further than you ever could have imagined, all with Mother Earth's medicine, the way nature intended. The team is always available to assist with delivery queries as well as direct you as to what medicines to purchase for your needs. Since using their tinctures and powders I have seen undeniable improvement in my health, energy levels and overall daily living! 10/10 would recommend AE to friends and family.
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Highly recommended, good

Highly recommended, good quality products!

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