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Zo Hoka Dashati
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Zo Hoka Dashati

LISTING > Massage, Womens Health  in Claremont & Newlands

Womens Health
Zo Hoka Dashati offers Massage, Womens Health, Yoga in Claremont & Newlands

Private and Mobile Shiatsu, Yoga and Yoni Egg trainer

About Shiatsu
Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese massage therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points along the body’s bio-electric currents. Based on the principles of acupuncture, it unblocks deep energy pathways to create a sense of abundant vitality and wellbeing. Rather than mere symptom relief, shiatsu works at the roots of stress, fatigue, anxiety and various other modern maladies. Expect to feel significant relief and relaxation.

About Yoga
Yoga has many expressions - whatever your groove, hot or not, through meeting yourself on the mat, Zo offers the opportunity to know your inner landscape and allow your curiosity and trust to guide the way into parts unknown. With each challenging posture or breath, find tenacity and commitment to bravely explore difficult territory, on and off the mat.

About the Yoni Egg Practice 
While there are many physical benefits of the practice like toning of the pelvic floor and increasing sensation and sexual energy, it is also an invitation to explore beyond the body, into potential we may not know exists: the potential of aspects of ourselves that have been dormant, the potential of voices or feelings within us that rise up to be heard and felt, the potential of connection to all that surrounds us - the spaces in which we live, our communities, our relationships - and all that they elicit from us. This is ultimately a sacred, deeply intimate training in awareness; to feel and listen to that which has been brewing within and is yearning to be heard and have expression.

About Zo
Having studied in London at the Zen School of Shiatsu and Healing Tao Centre, Zo Dashati has devoted almost two decades to deepening her understanding of complementary modalities, most notably massage and yoga. Her clients testify to her natural gift for facilitating healing.

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Mobile (Will Travel)
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10 - 20yr
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Yoni Egg
R450 - R750
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