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LISTING > Neuromuscular Massage, Tai Chi  in Constantia

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My one stop body & soul maintenance regime

This is one lady that I DO recommend to everyone I come across…… I met Natalie in a Tai Chi class in January 2000 and since then, Stillness in Motion has been my one stop – feel good – de-stress – body & soul maintenance ‘regimen’ – actually, that should say it all! Combine an incredible knowledge of physiology, energy galore, traditional Wu tai chi background and a gentle, loving soul and you have the most awesome therapist/teacher on the planet. So, whether it’s a relaxing massage / or myofascial work…. Wu style Tai Chi Chuan…. Or Pilates/Fitness training……if you’re not trying at least one of her modalities….you’re really missing out Nats, thank you my friend, therapist, sister, teacher, magical medicine woman….for everything that you are
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