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I am so thankful for my time at Shrimath. One of my many memories was our trip to Tiruvannamalai. It was so special being able to visit such an ancient and sacred place. It was so wondeful how many of our knowledge classes got to be held outside under the tree and in the beauty of nature which feels like such a natural way to learn and a way of learning I resonate with. I feel so much lighter since I completed my training and all of the cleansing processes done on the course helped me a lot. Yoga has changed my life in so many positive ways and I absolutely LOVE yoga. The Ayurvedic meals were all very delicious. It is so lovely how everything at Shrimath is natural and cares for the environment and the cows are very dear to me. I got to meet Rudra when he was four days old. Thank you to everyone at Shrimath.
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