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Teju Belawadi

My take on shrimath

I have been an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner since 2008. But that was something that I did as a routine. A rather inconsistent routine. But I knew I loved practicing asanas. I loved the way my body felt after every practice. But I was never particularly inclined towards Pranayama. It wouldn't be wrong to say that I hadn't developed stability to practice Pranayama. I had always been confused about which career path to take. It was in early 2019 that I decided that I wanted to be a yoga teacher. Full time. I trained under my guru Prahalad Kulkarni. I felt confident.. Asana wise. I was able to do Pranayama for longer durations now, but I knew I needed more practice and orientation. Also, I needed a certificate from a reputed institute. I checked out a few places at mysore. But the options were too many. I felt confused. The fees at all these institutions were on the higher end for me, a middle class, non working Indian. If I was going to pay that much, I wanted it to be worth it. That's when I contacted Mr Arun Seetharaman, from Transdisciplinary University. Without a moment of hesitation, he suggested Shrimath. I trusted his word and enrolled myself for the 200 + the 500 hrs program. And I'm definitely glad I did. I completed the course in December 2019 and I'm more confident about my career choice. Thanks to Shrimath. At Shrimath, you are guaranteed a holistic approach to yoga, covering the 8 limbs of it. If you are looking for a place to learn asanas, this may not be the one for you. But if you're looking for a place to understand yoga, and why your body and mind needs it, this is definitely the place. Meditation, yoga nidra and theory classes are meaningful and in depth. If you are serious about learning the real meaning of Yoga, come to Shrimath. You will not be disappointed.
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