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Shrimath yoga YAI 200hrs course

I chose Shrimath yoga to do the YAI 200 hours teacher training, primarily for my own learning as a yoga novice. I chose this program because of the opportunity to teach in a local school. The team are knowledgeable, attentive and approachable. The teaching is structured, easy to follow and provokes intellectual thought, humility and respect for the tradition of yoga. The course itself is comprehensively structured and manageable. The grounds are beautiful and are a perfect setting to encourage reconnection with ones inner self. The meals were tasty and nutritious (if you like chilli spice), the rooms basic and clean. There is opportunity to go on a spiritual pilgrimage also and perform 'kriya' - the cleansing practices of yoga. I arrived as a complete beginner, but after three weeks of training and practice I can now say that I feel confident in my own practice and understanding of yoga and meditation thanks to the team at Shrimath. My body feels stronger, lighter and more flexible. But above all, I came home feeling more at peace - with a sense that I had experienced something personally profound and special in rural Bengaluru.
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