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LISTING > Kinesiology, Energy Healing  in Durbanville

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Zelda Malan

Life changing!

I have been seeing Helen since September 2018. Being a referral from my Johannesburg energy healer, I was extremely skeptical and nervous. Since moving to Cape Town 2 years ago, I was searching for a therapist to no avail... From a woman who sounded like that lady from the Hirches Home Store ads, to a very young "know it all" guy, to another self-proclaimed "Reiki master" who could not answer any of my "Reiki" questions.... Oh the list goes on and on. I FINALLY found her! Helen immediately made me feel comfortable and explained in great detail what Kinesiology entails and how we are going to go about the session. I knew within the first few minutes that I will be returning to this therapist. She has a special kind of calm that surrounds her. My world has changed since September, I feel like the captain of my ship again and Helen being right there, helping with the navigation (I've always been really bad with direction :) ) I don’t write recommendations as I believe each interaction with people/restaurants/Doctors/Healers/Masters are individual experiences and part of that moment and time, HOWEVER, with Helen I feel that I HAVE TO write this recommendation! If I didn’t, I would be doing the people on this plane of life, a massive injustice! Helen will change your life, ensure that you know what your purpose in this life journey is and in general offer you fabulous support while you transform! I HIGHLY recommend Helen and all her modalities, especially the Bach remedies and the Kinesiology sessions. Make an appointment for a session with this marvelous woman, and appreciate the healing for yourself! Thank you Helen Hansen for being my voodoo girl!
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