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LISTING > Shamanism, Energy Healing  in Noordhoek

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My Earthwalk experience

Thank you Olivia and Nicola for holding space for my Earthwalk journey so expertly, kindly and gently. You guided me to be open and intuitive and work from the heart, and trust my inner wisdom and insights. I became aware of life patterns that were keeping me stuck and influenced my relationships, my emotional life, my wellbeing and how I view the world. It all became clear in the gentlest most natural and loving way, I felt so supported by the land itself, the ever present mountains and trees, as well as my horse and dog companions. I go away with many tools to delve deeper in the richness I have unearthed -animal, plant, bird and mineral allies to explore my personal themes further. I will continue journalling as it was such a potent way of recording my thoughts, dreams and the synchronidities that confirmed I was on the right track, all weaved together to make up my unique story. I shall climb that mountain and send you a pic. Much love and deep bows. AHO
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