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LISTING > Shamanism, Energy Healing  in Noordhoek

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My Spiritual Journey to Find Myself

Olivia and Nicola thank you for holding a sacred space for me to find that portion of myself that seemed lost and confused. The experience was a profound and special spiritual awakening on my quest to find that portion that was a hinderance and that will allow me to move forward with my life. The significance of the 4 week journey was that you assisted me to find practical solutions to issues that we identified. Through your guidance and with the help of our spirt guides, being the incredibly beautiful horses, we quickly identified the underlying issues I has grappled with since early childhood. But more importantly while holding a safe and gentle space for me, I was able to seek out practical solutions in order to overcome my issues. I have seen incredible and exciting changes within a short space of time. I will always be so grateful for what feels like a midlife breakthrough. The healing I experienced on many levels has been life changing.
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