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Spiralling through Life

The Human Spiral Earthwalk has been such a beautiful process into inner Discovery. Within 3 sessions, I was allowed to ground, centre, explore more of my inner world and be reminded of what has already transpired. Personally, walking my Life Wheel has been a closing to a long process, a beautiful ritual of final acknowledgement and letting go. I have worked with Olivia for many years and it felt that this work brought together the insights as a closing. Of course, there is more work to be done and with life being a spiral (and not a circle), I am deeply grateful to have come full circle once again - so that in time more layers of inner discovery can emerge. The work takes place on a beautiful farm, which is deeply nourishing. All nature beings are truly awake and respected. Olivia and Nicola are both heart-centred women, who guide the process without going into their heads or own stories. The experiences are authentic and deeply grounding. After 3 sessions, one does feel transformed, but in a way which is manageable in the daily world. The gained insights presented themselves for me in real time lessons during the time and I was able to stay connected to the bigger picture. So whilst expansive, the work was also very applicable to my daily worldly tasks. I keep calling the work undramatic, a true compliment from my side, because it is truly supportive of the transformation and has not thrown me into a crisis. Thank you beloved Earth Walk Beings. I feel very blessed having experienced this work.
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