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Lindsay Voogt

A Walk with a Horse

I booked myself onto the Earthwalk after hearing Olivia speak at a Craniosacral Therapy gathering we were both attending.  My trust in Olivia as a practitioner counteracted my childhood fear of horses... Stepping into these three sessions with the horses and Olivia and Nicola at my side was a truly authentic, and deeply hearfelt experience.  One that has shifted my awareness and powerfully reflected back my imprinted patterning.  The horses are beautiful and I am so grateful to Nicola for them.  I have found a new way of being with my own animals and a deeper sense of the natural world around me. I found this poem by Joanna Verikios, which describes the work beautifully: The Horse is not here to reward your ego, to compete with you, to control you. The Horse responds to  who you are, how you feel, what you think, what you do. The Horse is here to to enable you to learn how to be a better You  - and that is a blessing Thank you Nicola, Olivia & Horses  
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