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LISTING > Shamanism, Energy Healing  in Noordhoek

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johann verster

a healing space

we know that we survived our trauma when we feel deserving of a space where we are physically sheltered, feeling safe with our experience, and our traumatic memories. the work that Olivia and Nicole do, provides this space. and more deeply, it provides seeing deeply into a natural, collective knowing and the way everyday moments with sensitive animals, can bring us home to ourselves. did i learn something new? yes. i learned that my suspicions were right. trauma’s scar runs deep and part of the pain is feeling somehow responsible for it. it makes us want to forget, when we need to turn towards. a step, the earthwalk makes easier, and more directly informing. i was touched by the very thing that has always been there. the animals, the air, the smells, the memories. and they gave a message of normalcy. a sense of peace with how it all worked out. and a clarifying of that which still needs some work. i strongly recommend this program for people who have experienced childhood trauma. the information received, is subtle and deep, bringing you back again to this rich moment, and how you can be open to it. without fear. the material you receive as well as the experiences had, can also easily be brought into regular psychotherapy. thank you, little Peanut (the chihuahua), for telling me that i’m ok, and it’s ok to be small, sensitive and full of love. johann verster clinical psychologist
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