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LISTING > Shamanism, Energy Healing  in Noordhoek

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Dee Ramsay

Active Mindfulness

30th August 2020 The setting is beautiful, verdant green lawns, tall trees, big sky and the mountain. And the horses, grazing peacefully, seemingly not paying attention to anything but the grass as they graze. Our introduction is gentle, and the first meditation instantly awakens my senses to the sounds and the smells around me. I open my eyes, and a couple of horses have moved into my circle, and I realise how tuned in they are to their world, not only the seen, but also the unseen. I desperately want to live my life with their kind of acute awareness. We have only been together for a few minutes, and already they have taught me active mindfulness. I feel a sense of anticipation and delight as the big mare chooses to walk the life circle with me. We walk the wheel and I feel her companionship and strength, like she is holding me as I journey. She stops, so do I, and I am told that I am seven years old, and encouraged to explore the memory of that time. I do, and decide to carry on. The next stop at 23 years is even more surprising. Both memories around the events of those times are so painful, so secret, that I am astonished I had been able to bury them so deep and forget them. How did she know? I touch her face and feel utter peace and liberation. Not sadness for my bad times, but liberation at having been given the opportunity to release the pain, and joy at the union with the thread of all the living things that I felt at that moment, that feeling of unconditional love. There were many subtle and not so subtle experiences in the two sessions. I learned so much about myself, about my past, and about what I could still become. Thank you Nicola and Olivia for divining the experiences, for the setting in beautiful Noordhoek, and of course, for the horses. Dee Ramsay
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