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LISTING > Shamanism, Energy Healing  in Noordhoek

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Nicola Stewart

Medicine wheel experience

I had never had a strong connection to, or experience engaging with horses. I knew nothing about the medicine wheel and yet, there I was asking the Universe questions and this answer arose. I am incredibly grateful that my introduction to horses was through this process. Nicola’s horses are the most beautiful, gentle, grounded, connected beings who participate in this healing with simple love. Nicola and Olivia hold the healing space with deep respect and trust in the unfolding process, allowing for honest reflection, free of judgement or personal opinion. I have written 3 previous (long) testimonials before this one, only to realize two things. Firstly, that I was actually still journaling my experience weeks later and not actually writing a testimonial. Secondly, that sharing details of my experience would colour another’s experience as I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that each one is different and quite literally “tailor-made” by the very fact that each person is inherently unique and at a very specific place in their personal timeline. So I will leave my piece with the final words, “a deeply moving and transformative experience when you open your heart to listen.” Nicola Stewart
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