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Thalia Hansen

My healing journey

Lockdown! I had to start teaching online – and so I did. Such a colourful world – such creation. Creating online content was exhilarating. Going back to the classroom after lockdown was like going back to the 1900s, spewing out black-and-white worksheets. Ticking the boxes set out by the Department of Education. I fell down a rabbit hole of routine: masks, sanitising, screening, alternate days for kids, an altered curriculum … therefore more admin. My mind became numb, I felt trapped. That is when I sought out craniosacral therapy … with a twist. I went to Penelope with a yearning to heal my mind and my soul. As I walked into Ellie’s garden, it started drizzling. This I saw as symbolic of my rejuvenation. As I entered her yurt-like haven, the clouds burst open, and the rain came pouring down around us. I was warm inside as I lay down for my first craniosacral therapy session. Silence and love. Nurturing and touch. Who would have known it would feel so good to lie and be held. Penelope works intuitively. She is a healer. She opens up channels … The next day, below an email that Penelope sent me – just checking in – I received an email from an online support website (supporting teachers and parents with the CAPS curriculum, developing worksheets and videos for all grades). I sent my CV. I got the job. I created my dream job, and I am currently working from home, creating content – and loving every bit of it. Thank you, Penelope, for opening up the channels. I feel heard. I feel replenished. I am awake
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