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LISTING > Craniosacral Therapy, Life Coach  in Hout Bay

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Healing hands

When I met Penelope almost a year ago it was after seeing numerous health therapists to deal with a mysterious physical issue with no success in finding answers that I needed. It took the incredible healing power of craniosacral therapy and Penelope's powerful intuition and guidance to help me shift the emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that manifested as my physical condition. The regular treatments with Penelope have allowed me the safe, non-judgemental, healing space I've needed to explore my own being. I have always found it difficult to relax completely and the treatments have given me the gift of complete relaxation. The feeling of being held by loving, nurturing hands helped my body to release deep emotional wounds that I've been carrying for a long time. My physical condition has improved dramatically and my energy has increased. My relationships have even improved because of my own growth. I feel transformed in so many ways. Thank you, Pen, for being the gentle, loving, wise being that you are!
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