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Conscious Sexuality - Leán Bakker
Constantia / Fish Hoek
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Conscious Sexuality - Leán Bakker

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Therapy and Guidance
Conscious Sexuality                 -  Leán Bakker offers Massage, Tantra, Therapy and Guidance in Constantia

My work is focused on nurturing a healthy connection to the sexual, life-force energy. I see it as authenticity, joy, light, creativity, connection, excitement...  I work with clients to liven and embrace this sacred energy source, encouraging connection to all the feelings in the physical and emotional body.  When we become present to the feelings of pleasure generated inside our bodies, it grows, gets amplified and can be spread throughout the entire being - resulting in more physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness. It starts opening us up to a better connection with ourselves, our partners and the whole of life, leading to a more orgasmic way of living.

Sexual energy is something to revere and consciously cultivate. It is a  connection to self, to creativity, to every ounce of spiritual energy, heart energy, and erotic energy inside of you. When ignited, it burns through blockages that are held within the body. Often shame and wounding separate us from our bodies and our ability to surrender to our god-given ability to experience pleasure. 
I use the therapeutic tools of touch, movement, massage, breath, voice and imagination to  re-connect to the body, heighten sensitivity, become present to the moment, move through blockages, enhance self-acceptance and nurture better relating.

When a client says to me: "this is the best experience I have ever had" it simply means that they are tapping into their own realisation of self.

You can say this to yourself:
"I am pure consciousness.
Every thought and feeling I have, has immense power.
When I am sexually aroused, I am razor sharp.
I choose to use this intensity to the benefit of myself and all that is."


Flame meditation:

Imagine yourself as a flame. The first spark gets ignited in the sexual centre. It is an extremely pleasant feeling, stay connected to the feeling.
Give it breath, oxygen makes it burn brighter - warmer. With every breath the body expands, softens, making space for the flame to spread.
The flame grows bigger, brighter, slowly spreading up, up, until it burns throughout the entire body.
The light of the flame moves fluidly, alive. It’s heat is certain, burning away anything that does not serve.
Heat emits out beyond the flame, gently warming the air around it.
A bright light shines from the base of the flame, exists as the flame, pierces through the darkness. Rays of warm light illuminates the world around it.
If this flame should join another… imagine the light!

I work from two locations:
Thursdays: 14A Bel Ombre Road, Constantia
All other days: Hillside Road, Fish Hoek

About Leán:

At the age of 49, I experienced a profound sexual awakening.  It was like a long forgotten nerve suddenly connected and my consciousness spread throughout every single part of my body and femininity. This awareness snapped me out of victim mode and into an empowered participant in my life and in my relating.

Shortly after my awakening I produced a performance video to communicate what I am experiencing. The best way for me to communicate this awareness, is to simply show the emotional and physical aliveness I am feeling as a multi-faceted being.
Watch the video here:
I started my career as professional contemporary dancer in 1988 as one of the founder members of the PACT dance company. I am a choreographer and a performance artist - see more of my art on:
I still perform from time to time and I facilitate a weekly expressive dance session in Kalk Bay.

I am registered Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) practitioner.  
VMT is an expressive arts therapy that recognise the voice, body and emotions as being deeply inter-connected. The work engages breath, voice, movement and massage to aid clients towards wholeness.   My therapeutic training helps me greatly in understanding boundaries, integration of the anima and animus, the power of the imagination and the impact of what the body can teach us.
For more about Voice Movement Therapy, visit: 

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9AM - 6PM
Off Street Parking
Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Voice Movement Therapy
Rates on request
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Now I understand what Tantra means

What you shared with me today, I will cherish for a long time. I have learnt a lot and it will occupy my mind for a long time, now I want to learn and experience more… 
For the first time I understand what tantra means.
Vlada's picture

Yoni Massage

To receive a bodywork from Leán has always been a journey into the soul for me. The depth of her presence and touch was able to unlock the mysteries of the body. I have received the most exquisite yoni massage from Lean. She was so honouring of the sacredness of the yoni. She was humble and reverent to be still and to wait for the gateways to open and to allow her to enter the Temple. My body was revealing the mysteries I wasn’t aware of before. Lean has an intuitive knowing and a gift of a priestess. She is capable of initiating you into your sacred essence.
Mike Meyer's picture
Mike Meyer

Tantra massage

Lean is an amazing therapist who made me very comfortable and at ease by explaining the process before we started. The experience was amazing and I could feel the energy being reinvigorated in my body and could feel the impact for days after the session. I feel that my masculine energy has been dormant for years. Highly recommended !!
Leo's picture

Tantra massage

I had an amazing experience in my session with Leán. Being touched with so much love, tenderness and awareness brought me to a deep connection with my own body. I felt my body so intensely. The sensations and vibration of my own body came to the surface. It didn’t stop with the session, I could feel it afterwards still. Even when I made love to my lover a few days later, I could still feel a deeper connection with my body. I felt the sensations in my body more. Leán is extremely professional in her approach and made me feel comfortable and safe. I am so glad I took the jump to go and see her for a session.
Michael's picture

Conscious Energy Session

I recently had the privilege of an extremely beautiful and deeply therapeutic session with Leán. Her wonderful presence, sensitivity and the depth of her integrity allowed me to completely open to receive the gift of her healing touch. As a man, I found it profound to be with someone so accepting and loving and nurturing of the male sexual energy. I could feel that Leán is committed to fostering the power and pleasure of this energetic flow, something she does with great skill. My session with Leán left me energised and deeply appreciative of how good it can feel to be alive.

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