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Neuromuscular Massage
Tai Chi
Pregnancy Massage
Stillness in Motion offers Neuromuscular Massage, Tai Chi, Pregnancy Massage in Constantia

Natalie Wittwen, a Neuromuscular Kinetic Massage therapist, is available for bookings at two venues (Constantia and Milnerton Ridge). With the use of blended aromatherapy oils/balms, Natalie will custom her treatments according to your needs, using a combination of techniques(Swedish, Trigger Point & Myofascial Release) and offer Prenatal massage. There is also an option of Indian Head Massage in which the client remains clothed.

So whether you have a healthy active body or are a desk-bound professionals, persons with eating disorders, prenatal Mums and older persons, Natalie will provide you with an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

Natalie  is also a Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan instructor. Tai Chi is the harmonious flow of an ancient eastern martial art, practised mainly for its health benefits for body and mind.  Tai Chi taps into the eternal spring of vitality and longevity.  Group classes offered in Cape Town and Milnerton (a) morning classes for older individuals at various retirement homes and villages. (b) evening classes for others wanting to learn it as a martial art.

Taijiquan is a form of movement in which stillness and movement co-exist. In movement there is stillness. In stillness there is movement. Taijiquan prevents and fights diseases, strengthens the body and with continuous training you can defend yourself against a stronger attacker.

When practicing Taijiquan, efforts are made to get a calm heart/mind (xin) and a still spirit(shen). The movements unfold naturally (ziran) and are smooth and graceful, like moving clouds and flowing water. In this way, you can convert the never ending stress of work into a state of stillness. The reduction of stress immediately reduces some tiredness and weakness, which can be eliminated in the long term. Taijiquan helps weariness and leaves one feeling refreshed and relaxed. This is an application of stillness.

People participating in these  self-cultivating exercises, find their body posture awareness increases, learn more about optimal balance and embrace the breathing and relaxation techniques taught, thus maximising the feeling of calmness in our busy modern lives and increasing chi-energy!

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10 - 20yr
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Indian Head Massage (2002)
Introduction to Aromatherapy & Swedish Massage (2004)
Hot Stone Therapy (2006)
Diploma Neuromuscular Kinetic Massage / The School of Lifestyle Medicine / 2013-2015
Fascial Therapy / Fascial Therapy Institute Australia / 2019
Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (1999 – to date)
Massage R550-R700 for the 1st hour
Tai Chi R420-R600 per month
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Frances 's picture

Natalie is fantastic

Natalie is really gifted - lovely person and authentic, she listens to what you need and responds :) excellent massage, environment, full experience.
Marike Slabbert's picture
Marike Slabbert

Visceral Transmutation

Having been burnt by a multitude of so called spiritual people and having recovered from the experiences, I hold my ability to sniff out BS quite high and Natalie is Gold. Natalie is an authentic and truly powerful being with a pure heart for service. She is guided yet doesn’t take it for granted and utilizes her abilities for goodness and healing. She has helped me process so much deeply held pain, shame and fear with her touch and presence, encouraging the deep shifts I needed to make my life more fulfilling and abundant. She taps in deeply and surfs the waves of healing with humility and joy. I’ve had incredible spiritual experiences and realizations during our session that left me feeling reborn. She is one of my most treasured teachers/healers and she has a special part in my heart.
Gavin's picture

Thai Chi

Natalie is a brilliant Thai Chi teacher. She has the rare ability to break down each movement into its underlying steps. She provides personalized attention & guidance. As a true Thai Chi master, she remains a humble student.
Gavin's picture

Thai Chi

Natalie is a brilliant and devoted Thai Chi teacher. She has the rare ability to break down each movement into understandable steps. Natalie provides personalized guidance in her classes and in my view she is a true Master. In hers she is a humble student. I recommend Natalie's classes to anyone who would like to learn this beautiful martial art and enjoy the numerous benefits it offers.
Kate 's picture

A healing presence for the mind, body and soul

Being in Natalie's company is healing in itself. I feel blessed to have met someone who is blessed with a healing touch. 2 years ago I was hit by a motorbike while walking to the grocery store. I have had multiple brain surgeries, I was paralysed and I have lost my peripheral vision from the brain damage. Returning to Cape Town I came across Natalie's details as I was looking for a masseuse in the Constantia area. Having had many cranial surgeries and a broken neck, I was a little nervous to receive massage and manipulation of the area, but Natalie's approach and aura is one of calm, healing comfort. It is clear Natalie is living her calling. I recommend Natalie to everyone I meet in need of a masseuse; I buy her massage vouchers as gifts for my friends and family and as soon as I feel a stiffness anywhere I message Natalie. Time with Natalie is an investment in well-being. She has inspired me to take up tai-chi. Please don't ever stop working...we need your healing hands!
Lynné's picture

5th Dimension

Natalie's massages are out of this world, she gives compassionate attention to your bodies needs, one leaves feeling invigorated and with a restored positive energy. I can't wait for my next massage :)
Belinda Frost's picture
Belinda Frost

TAi chi

Nathalie Witwen I find to be an inspiring teacher and caring person. I’m a beginner and it is a difficult discipline. I believe full heartedly in her ability as an instructor.
Leesette 's picture

Tai Chi

For ages I looked for a Tai Chi teacher! Natalie is an ex dancer and accomplished tai chi practioner. I have learnt way more than I thought I would... Natalie’s style speaks to all types of students and she is a patient, loving and centered teacher. Tai Chi is a brilliant health option - don’t hesitate to sign up !!
Candice's picture


Always an incredible experience, relaxing, my body feels wonderfully rejuvenated with restored bloody flow. Beautiful energy in the room with tranquil and calm music! Highly rated
Charisse 's picture


Absolutely blissful massage. Profoundly healing, intuitive and energising. I had so many insights while she worked and left feeling fabulous. Can't wait till the next one!
Raven & Lucy (UK)'s picture
Raven & Lucy (UK)

Exceptional masseuse the best we have ever come across

We were in Cape Town for three months and after only one massage session with Natalie we decided to purchase a further block of ten. Why because they were the best we had ever encountered, Natalie was extremely professional in finding out what we needed, each session was invigorating yet calming. Her delightful and sensitive manner was such a bonus to an overall fantastic experience. We cannot recommend Natalie more highly she is an exceptional masseuse the best we have ever come across.
Andrew's picture


I started Tai Chi with Natz over 6yrs ago, I was looking for something that held onto its roots and essence and that is what I got. It takes time, but flexibility, martial understanding, awareness and consciousness all improve, a better sense of self is drawn out. Tai Chi is definitely a reward of patience and discipline and Natalie is a great teacher/coach in this regard.
Jenni's picture

My one stop body & soul maintenance regime

This is one lady that I DO recommend to everyone I come across…… I met Natalie in a Tai Chi class in January 2000 and since then, Stillness in Motion has been my one stop – feel good – de-stress – body & soul maintenance ‘regimen’ – actually, that should say it all! Combine an incredible knowledge of physiology, energy galore, traditional Wu tai chi background and a gentle, loving soul and you have the most awesome therapist/teacher on the planet. So, whether it’s a relaxing massage / or myofascial work…. Wu style Tai Chi Chuan…. Or Pilates/Fitness training……if you’re not trying at least one of her modalities….you’re really missing out Nats, thank you my friend, therapist, sister, teacher, magical medicine woman….for everything that you are
Dave's picture

Thank you for your professional and sensitive touch

Thank you, Natalie, for your professional and sensitive touch. I have absolutely no reservations in referring people to you and recommending your services.
Ian's picture

I wouldn't miss a treatment

I have been privileged to receive treatments from this wonderful healing therapist for more than 10 years on a regular on going basis . I can honestly say that as an active individual this treatments is must for me to maintain my vitality and mobility.Natalie combines years of experience with a understanding of the body that enables her to apply healing and invigorating therapy. Your health is your responsibility.I wouldn’t miss a treatment
David, Freelance Tourguide's picture
David, Freelanc...

Perfect combination

I feel so fortunate to have found a therapist with a perfect combination of training, experience, application, energy and professionalism ... all in one! Thank you for applying your balanced skills on my grateful Being.
Veronica's picture

"Special Touch"

I have been coming to Natalie for your ‘special touch’ massages for quite a few years. I always look forward to the dedication and special care that you take with my treatment. It is my ‘pampering’ time and I always leave feeling as if I am floating on air. Thank you, my friend!!
Tanya's picture

Healing Power

I had the pleasure of having bodywork (massage) done by Natalie Wittwen this past weekend and what an incredible experience!! Not only does my body feel years younger but my soul feels more at peace now than it has in years! Even another blue Monday didn't get me down this time! I had no idea about the healing power massaging has and realized this is just as vital as eating healthy, sleeping, exercising and even breathing. My life, along with all that I deem a necessity, has changed and I will never look back :) Thank you again from the bottom of my heart xxx Tanya
Sonje's picture

Regular Wellness Treatment

I have been coming to Natalie for many years now and it is definitely a monthly highlight. She is an exceptional massage therapist and has complemented it with advanced knowledge of anatomy. She can adjust her technique to accommodate specific needs. She creates a peaceful environment and the whole experience is one of tranquility and spirituality. I can highly recommend her - you will become a regular soon!
Louise Knoop O'Neill's picture
Louise Knoop O'Neill

Zero doubt you are in strong, safe and very capable hands!

Beautiful massage. Warm, ambient room. Natalie moves your muscles with such real intention that there is zero doubt you are in strong, safe and very capable hands!
Vilien's picture

The Gift of Touch

I have received probably one of my best massages ever from Natalie Wittwen, owner of Stillness in Motion (read: )

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