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Love Balance Yoga

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Love Balance Yoga offers Retreats, Yoga in Constantia

Love Balance Yoga’s retreats are designed to provide a break from the noise, a relief from the pressures of everyday life and a chance to reconnect with nature and your inner self – allowing the majesty of your surroundings to cast perspective and realign your outlook so as to step back into daily life balanced and rejuvenated.

Love Balance Yoga is a collaboration between Dale Lombard and Daisy Dickinson.

As business partners and life long friends, we have recently launched the first phase of this exciting new venture.

Having both come through serious health issues, we were forced to reassess our priorities in order to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle; redefining our version of success to include wellness of mind, body and soul.

The inspiration that really started this journey was the hope that through our shared experiences we might be able to genuinely help others on their journeys to wellness.

We aim to share with people our belief in the importance of joy, the need to make it a priority in your life and the power you have to do so. It is all within our reach, we just have to grasp it and believe that we can.

Whether it be the products we have selected to feature on Love Online, the retreats that we’ve designed to re-connect and re-balance you or the wellness events we have planned for later this year, we hope to be able to offer you a place to find a little joy, peace and contentment in this busy world of ours, whilst offering tools to ensure you live your best life.

With so much love,

Daisy & Dale


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5 - 10yr
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Ayurvedic Yoga RYT 200
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