Meaningful Living: A Workshop Exploring the Teachings of Logo-therapy
7 Dec, 5:30pm to 9 Dec, 12:30pm
082 473 5525

Meaningful Living: A Workshop Exploring the Teachings of Logo-therapy

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Some of the biggest questions we can ask ourselves are: what is the meaning of life and how do we live with purpose? In this new workshop we introduce you to the principles of Logo therapy and the life of Victor Frankl who developed Logo therapy. We will cover the basics of this philosophy including tools and exercises to use in everyday life. This experience will leave you refreshed, with a clear focus on your own avenues to meaning. This retreat will qualify participants for 7 CPD points (the workshop is registered with the SABPP).



Cost / Pricing: 
From R1800.00 - R2000.00 per day plus Dana for teachers & managers
Teacher / Instructor: 
Klasie Wessels & Sam Sparkes


Feedback from "Healing through the Enneagram" with Anita Craig

Thank you Anita for sharing your knowledge & wisdom with us. I feel truly blessed & humbled at your capacity & willingness to give us all the "pattern for the key" which will help us to unlock the door to greater knowledge. Thank you to all at Dharmagiri for opening your doors & hearts to me. I will return! Eve

Thank you Thanissara for inviting me. Thank you Anita and the team; Ian, Jane, Eve, Peter, Chandasara for making it such a rich transforming and healing experience. Thank you Martin, Meryl & Paul for the loving care & protection. I love Dharmagiri. Fortune


Feedback:Still Clear Water - Transformation through Mindfulness

Thank you for inviting us to serve in a very special way – the kitchen provided a special place for our personal retreat – Anthony & Jennifer – who cooked at the Easter retreat 2018.

Gratitude is a word that does not begin to convey the inch I leave with. Snakes, lizards, vultures anve reminded me I exist. Much love to the mountain for abiding with me in joy and chitter chatter. Nolitha & Chandasara your dance is spellbinding, crystal clear and moved me. I use inch as a metaphor for this journey in which practice makes practice. Martin the Saint of Dharmagiri, the candles were so pretty tonight. Thanks for the guided walks, they make my heart clap – Lorna.

Thank you for the gift of this place, for the teachings, the love, the support. It’s been a wonderful time! – Andrew

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