MetaVarsity - Applied Metaphysics Course - Cape Town Classes
20 Jul,
9:00am to 5:00pm
0861 116 126

MetaVarsity - Applied Metaphysics Course - Cape Town Classes

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The Applied Metaphysics Course, is the continuation of the journey into deeper understanding and tools for conscious growth through Metaphysics.

As your next step after MetaVarsity’s Introduction to Metaphysics Course, the Applied Metaphysics Course builds upon the concepts of the four pillars of metaphysics. Exploring tools and techniques to reach deep soul contact and understanding. Delve into the intricate workings of energy and the mind for practical self-development and personal mastery.

Learn how to use incredibly powerful meditation techniques. Play with telepathy and develop your own system of telepathic communication. Discover what blocks your personality from expressing your soul in everyday life.

It is a profound course in self-development and journey into self-mastery.

Simply connect with us on to get the registration form to book your place on the journey ahead.

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