Peter Bez - Zen Wellness
Swan Cottage, 20 Avon Road, Diep River, Cape Town, 7800
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Peter Bez - Zen Wellness

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Energy Healing
Peter Bez - Zen Wellness  offers Massage, Energy Healing, Counselling in Diep River
  • Massage -swedish, deep tissue, sports, hot stone, ayurvedic, energy massage
  • Aura clearing 
  • Reiki, energy healing and chakra balancing
  • House / business & space clearing
  • Body imbalance correction
  • Remedial massage
  • Fitness and personal training



If you're looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing - physically , mentally or energetically then you have come to the right place. We focus on overall long term good health such as improving sleep cycles, nutrition, body imbalances, mental health and a better work life balance through various proven techniques.

I have a combined twenty years experience as a metaphysical healer, energy mentor, reiki master, aura and massage specialist and personal trainer. Various modalities are used that are person and body specific. From a scientific approach a combined physio/biokinetic prescription and from an alternate approach, reiki, energy meridians, touch therapy and massage. I have rooms in Diep River and also provide a mobile service for your convenience.

Zen Wellness Philosophy - Its about being in the present moment and being in touch with the here and now, not letting the mind drift into future or past and that we heal the body and mind from the inside out.

My Healing Philosophy - My goal for the energy work I do is to both align you with the wisdom of your individual soul and to connect you with the Divine, God, Light, Supreme Being, depending on how you refer to the source energy present, around and within each of us. 

My Fitness Philosophy -  My fitness philosophy is to coach clients in a holistic manner with basic steps / movements which can be progressed and combined to produce a routine which safely and systematically advances them towards their individual goal. Creating a bespoke, age - appropriate routine that combines cardiovascular and strength training as well as emphasises the importance of flexibility and balance for total physical wellness

I believe wholeheartedly that movement is a necessary component of physical and mental wellness where proper form and mobility also play a big part.

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09h00 - 20h00
Off Street Parking
Mobile (Will Travel)
Accept credit cards
Available After Hours
Gender Exclusive: 
10 - 20yr
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Sports Science , Body Dynamics Fitness Centre and the School of Physiotherapy, Sports Science and Optometry UKZN (Co-Lab), 3 years
Physio / Massage / Rehabilitation techniques and procedures, Body Dynamics Fitness Centre, 1152 hours over 3 years
Holistic Massage, Essence Energetics, 1 year
Damelin, Sports Management, 2 year
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Peter is amazing at reading the energy of the body and the energy of the muscles in the body. He has an uncanny knack for finding sore muscle groups. He uses energetic healing and physical massage to release stuck-ness and this opens one up to peace of mind and an openness in the physical body. I will definitely recommend his unique therapy to anyone who has tried traditional massage with little or no results. Peter works gently and intuitively and he takes great care to create a space of safety where one feels honoured and looked after.

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