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Tamar Bezuidenhout AuraEssence

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Energy Healing
Holistic Healing
Spiritual Counselling
Tamar Bezuidenhout AuraEssence offers Energy Healing, Holistic Healing, Spiritual Counselling in Diep River


In my experience, when we start paying attention to energy and metaphysical healing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, detoxing, its like waking up to a different way of thinking and living life. We will start asking questions about our health and how we can start taking care of our energy bodies and auras.

A healthy aura will attract happiness, joy, enthusiasm, robust physical health, balanced emotions and clear, uncluttered thoughts. On the other hand, a weak or compromised aura makes one susceptible to lower energies and is further weakened by drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy eating, as well as negative emotions and negative thought patterns. What then happens is that we end up feeling like psychic sponges, absorbing all the negativity from the environments around us and from the people around us. We end up feeling tired and drained after visiting shopping centres or crowded places, we become more sensitive to negative patterns around us such as anger, violence or even abuse. We may have disturbed sleep patterns, including nightmares and night terrors.

Metaphysical energy healing can assist if you are experiencing any the following:

• feeling down and lost in life
• feeling stuck in relationships, life or work
• feeling as if life is not working for you and feeling cursed
• feeling anxiety, fear or outbursts of anger
• feeling disconnected from your loved ones
• experiencing psychic experiences that are not comfortable
• experiencing disturbed sleep patterns and nightmares
• experiencing low energy levels
• experiencing sensitivity, especially in crowded places
• experiencing unexplained aches and pains in the physical body
• if you have lost a loved one and feel their energy around you

Many people can be haunted by their past, such as by toxic relationships, traumatic events and deaths. In the same way, homes can hold energy patterns of divorces, traumas and abuse.

Through working with the aura, I can help you to gain insight into your negative emotions, behaviour patterns and energetic sensitivities. The aura can be seen as a computer system, it stores, releases and projects information all the time. Being able to see what someone's aura is doing makes healing more effective and precise. I work intuitively with the whole body system- physically and energetically.

During the first session:

* I check your general energy levels and energy themes.
* I facilitate healing, balancing and activation of your chakras and aura.
* I facilitate clearing of any dense energy attached to your field that might be draining you.
* I give you information on what you are holding in your chakras and in your aura.
* I give you practical suggestions on how to keep your aura clear and healthy.

The follow up sessions look at emotional clearing and balancing, inherited family karmic patterns, body elemental systems, pressure-point massage and regression.

I hold a degree in Metaphysical Science. This gives me a deeper understanding of the spiritual matters that are creating physical problems in your life. I have almost 15 years of experience in working in the metaphysical field and specialise in the following:

* metaphysical healing
* aura clearing and energising
* chakra healing and balancing
* spiritual healing
* energy healing
* spirit release therapy
* energy coaching for empaths, intuitives and anyone sensitive to energy
* distant healing, both locally and internationally
* space clearing - specialise in both home and business clearings
* metaphysical counselling - I work with energy, energy patterns, emotional patterns and spiritual awareness

Lotus Essence Wellness Products:

I love to travel and my passion is to find authentic objects and oils made by people who tell their stories in the beauty they create. I am always inspired by the natural ingredients harvested and produced in time-honoured ways, this sparked my curiosity in creating my own range of spiritual tools to assist balance and healing. ​On my travels, I have collected pure essential oils and resins from Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Zanzibar, France, and Australia. These special oils and resins form the foundation of my ranges of energy sprays called Lotus Essence. The specially formulated energy sprays are handcrafted using artisanal skills and produced in limited quantities through the use of traditional methods of blending and alchemy. 

The ​Lotus Essence ranges are hand-made by me in Cape Town with an infusion of sacred water and 100 % pure essential oils. No polysorbates or synthetic ingredients are used and as with all our products, these Artisanal Elixirs are never tested on animals. Each bottle contains a crystal chip that is used to disperse the specially mixed elixir gently before spraying.

Energy is always moving and evolving and so, after 12 years of making my 69 different aura sprays, I am proud to launch my new ranges in tune with the energy of 2020:

Examples of some of the Lotus Essence Scents:

​Aura Essence Range:

the pure aromatics in these Essences will activate and awaken the senses

Chakra Range:

the pure aromatics in these Essences will harmonise and balance the chakras.

Guru Essence:

the pure aromatics in these Essences will revitalise your energy and inspire connection.

Smudge Range

The pure aromatics in these Essences will clear the air and bring harmony to a space.

The Lotus Essence Ranges are used to bring patterns of perfection into your energy and in the spaces and places around you. Use them to invite virtues into your aura and space:

۞ to bring oneself into the present moment
۞ to attract colour into the aura or a space
۞ to attract positive energy and light vibration into the aura or a space
۞ to calm and relax one - spray onto your pillow for a peaceful night's sleep
۞ to inspire - use before doing something creative
۞ to quieten the mind - use as a meditation tool
۞ to protect and seal one's aura or chakras
۞ to clear unwanted negative energy out of the aura or a space

The Lotus Essence sprays are specially formulated for your benefit. Each aura clearing spray gets blessed before being sent to you.


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10:00 to 19:00
Off Street Parking
Accept credit cards
Available After Hours
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10 - 20yr
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Bachelor in Metaphysics (B.Msc), University of Metaphysics, 2007
Currently working on my Masters in Metaphysics, University of Metaphysics, 2017
Currently studying Interior Design, Interior Design Institute, 2014
Reiki Master, 2008
Solar Aura Healing Master Practitioner, 2008
Please contact for options.
Energy transformation packages available.
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Sue's picture

Amazing healing experience

I have been making use of Tamar’s services over the past five years and cannot recommend her highly enough. She has provided me with invaluable guidance and amazing healing experiences (energetically and physically) during some major life changes. In particular, her support during my mom’s illness and passing (not just to me, but to both my parents and my siblings) was absolutely incredible and I will be forever grateful for that. I have learnt so much from our interactions and have greatly benefited from her healing sessions and space clearings, which is why I have (with complete confidence) referred many other adults and children to her over the years and I have always received great feedback from them. What I admire most is her incredible intuitive abilities and her versatility, which enables her to take a holistic approach and provide support in many different respects. She happily shares her breadth of knowledge and talents. Tamar really cares deeply for her clients and in my experience always goes the extra mile for them. She will suggest alternatives for you to consider, but has never forced me in a specific direction, allowing me to choose what feels right for me and to move along my journey at my own pace. Tamar has also proven herself to be incredibly sensitive in her dealings with confidential matters. You will be better off for having interacted with her!

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