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ANG Journey of Self Discovery
Peter Mokaba Ridge, Musgrave, Durban
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ANG Journey of Self Discovery

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ANG Journey of Self Discovery offers Enneagram in Durban

Accredited Enneagram Coach

Enneagram Coaching offers in-depth insight into individuals. The tool utilizes an open systems perspective of personal development, delving into the underlying motivations, fears/defence mechanisms, vices and virtues that underpin each person.
It increases consciousness and confidence
Enables clearing of core emotional issues
Creates understanding of functional and dysfunctional behaviour
Increases compassion for self and others
Uncovers pathways to development and integration        
Builds Leadership Authenticity , potency and impact

I also do Skype consultations, if you are not able to meet in person.

10 - 20yr
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Accredited Enneagram Coach


Devene Naidoo 's picture
Devene Naidoo

Coaching with Ang

My Coaching with Angela has been nothing short of superb and life changing . Angela possess coaching qualitites that are world class. Angela also has a vast amount of business knowlege and she easily converts her sessions into performance coaching. Angela is adaptable, flexible and stays relevant to the person that she is coaching. I would definitely reccomend Angela to an individual that is wanting to grow , both personally and vocationally. My sessions with Angela has presented me with a clear path and also an understanding of how to be the real me. Looking forward to my next session.
Magandary Munisamy's picture
Magandary Munisamy

My journey

I’m in a happy place, so I thought it’s time for me to reflect. Thinking back… I now know, that my time spent with Angela was most valuable. It’s clear, that development is driven by one’s self discovery and that is what we were able to achieve. Through coaching sessions I was able to boost my confidence and get out of my comfort zone. I have since, been able to tap into opportunities and embrace change with ease. I can speak my mind and stand up for myself. Not so long ago, I moved cities and I’m happy about it. This once upon a time shy and easily too emotional being has become a confident women welcoming challenges.

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