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Heidi Kinesiology  offers Kinesiology in Durbanville

In a constantly changing environment of both internal and external stressors, our health and wellbeing are hugely reliant on how well we are able to receive, process and respond to sensory information.

Everything happens to us on a physical, chemical or emotional level, thus must be processed through one or more of three basic survival systems. Our reaction to these stimuli will not be random but one of a chain reaction of neurobiochemical events designed to compensate and maximise our ability to survive and thrive.

Our nervous system constantly monitors both the internal and external environment, which is processed subconsciously using an array of information gathering sensors in our skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Storing these memories at cellular level.

Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T) is a holistic physical and energetic medicine modality, based on Applied Kinesiology, which deals with our basic survival systems of fight/flight, feeding/immune and reproduction. The N.O.T protocol rebalances the information at cellular level, bringing you back to a state of normal function enabling you to cope and thrive.

Kinesiology sensory receptor-based therapy involves the treatment of primary skin surface reflexes designed to normalize nervous system function.

As an internationally qualified Professional Specialised Kinesiologist, with extensive training completed in the UK and SA and having worked in the field for over 16 years, specialising in Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T) you will be provided with simple but effective treatment to help identify what is working in your life, what isn’t working, and the changes you would like to generate to thrive rather than just survive.

Treatments may also include some counselling, Iridology, Chirology, crystal healing, numerology and or card readings.

Kinesiology is hugely beneficial but not limited to the treatment of these and many other ailments:

- Addictions, stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, irritability, sleep ailments, grinding teeth, migraines

- Adrenal and hormonal imbalances, immune system and thyroid ailments and fatigue

- Allergic reactions and skin ailments, snoring, vision

- Respiratory and breathing problems, autoimmune and urinary ailments, yeast imbalances, frequent infections, neurology ailments, and digestive disorders

- Back and neck pain, joint stiffness, postural imbalances, body fatigue

- Learning difficulties, hyperactivity, memory problems

- Fears and phobias, self-esteem issues, weight control…the list is endless

Gender Exclusive: 
10 - 20yr
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Dip ASK (UK)
Professional Specialised Kinesiologist and Neural Organisation Technique Practitioner (ASKSA)
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