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Leon Barnard-Young
6 Coral Road, Durbanville
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Leon Barnard-Young

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Personal Training
Leon Barnard-Young offers Massage, Personal Training, Reiki in Durbanville

I improve the lives of others through the transformative magic of touch.

While my primary healing modality is massage, the fact that I am also a reiki master means that the energy healing flows in every session too. 

I can see the difference in my clients after they stand up from the massage table, and that brings me great joy.

People don't hug or touch anymore, and yet it's such an important part of being human. We all need to feel loved, nurtured and acknowledged. 

I create a safe cocoon where my clients can just be themselves, without any judgments. They can talk to me about anything, and often feel better just by being heard. 


The other side of my business - my fitness offering - helps people foster an experience of both inner and outer beauty.

I've been an outcast in the past, and used to suffer from 'second best' syndrome. Training made me feel good about myself, helping me to step into my real power.

Everybody has this power within them, but most are afraid of it so they back away from their full potential. I've been likened to a 'lighthouse' by clients and friends, as I show people the way back to their authentic truth. 

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10 - 20yr
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Therapeutic Massage
Reiki Master
Personal Trainer
Offering dependent


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I pulled a muscle and pinched

I pulled a muscle and pinched a nerve in my shoulder leaving me in agony over a long weekend. I found Leon's details on this Holistica site and contacted him. Although he was fully booked, he made a plan to fit me in. After a half hour session my pain was reduced by 50% and 36 hours later my shoulder was perfect. He combines deep tissue sports massage with powerful Reiki healing.

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