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Adele Beinart t/a Integrative Mind

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Energy Healing
Adele Beinart t/a Integrative Mind offers Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Energy Healing in Edenvale

Whether looking for a career in natural healing, a powerful tool for self-healing, knowledge to optimise your health or a means to treat your family; Kinesiology is a fantastic healing discipline suitable for anyone to learn. Adelé Beinart is the Principle of the South African Integrative Mind School of Kinesiology and K-Power instructor. The school currently offers Level 1 internationally recognised BKP Certification where students learn how to muscle test, work with pain reduction and reduce ease of emotional stress.  Additional courses will follow and are offered in person. Students are required to do a certain amount of supervised practical hours to ensure proficiency. Each module has targeted skills and outcomes contributing to a broad level of knowledge and practical application.

Part of what makes the teaching so valuable is the energy and passion Adelé brings to her students. Having personally been through extreme health challenges and experienced first- hand what Kinesiology can do, she pursued it as a career and passing it on to others is her purpose and gift. Besides running the school Adelé also has a successful practice in Edenvale, Johannesburg where she uses her knowledge of multiple disciplines to inform her treatment protocol. “The combination of all the therapies has been invaluable in supporting individual healing journey’s”, says Adelé. Besides Kinesiology, she uses Bach flower remedies, Reiki and Acudetox and is forever expanding her range of experience.

“What is so pertinent to healing is willingness. Healing is not always a pretty sight, it often involves liberating feelings, memories and trauma and that can be challenging to navigate. I feel so blessed to have gone through such profound revelations around my own healing, I am dedicated to giving the experience to others,” says Adelé who, time and time again, experiences people having incredible results from engaging in natural therapies. From cerebral palsy to severe anxiety and depression to lower back issues, it covers all manifestations of disease as ultimately they originate from the same place and patterning.
Kinesiology is a healing therapy that uses a variety of techniques to identify and move energetic blockages to restore balance to the body and rehabilitate the body-mind connection. This holistic remedy re-establishes the flow of energy through the body system to rebalance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Once impediments are removed individuals are able to achieve integration and optimal functionality and well-being.

If you are interested in trying out some of the empowering techniques, Adelé also offers a variety of workshops (see below).
Get in touch via email or call or browse the website for more in depth information on the workshops and courses.
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2 - 5yr
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Acudetox|NADA Accredited
Usui Reiki
Bach Flower Remedies
R550 per session

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