Emotional-Mental Clearing Workshop
9 Dec,
9:00am to 5:00pm
0724097664  Durbanville

Emotional-Mental Clearing Workshop

LISTING > Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Life Skills Workshop in Durbanville

Balance your perceptions with a powerful, mental skill of scientific accolade.

Release yourself from patterns/beliefs that are destructive.

Practice emotional release techniques founded in acupressure.

Use trigger points on the body to help flush out stuck emotions.

Beneficial for:

Guilt / Blame / Shame / Regret / Depression / Anxiety / Life Direction

More info: http://helenhansen.co.za/event/emotional-clearing-workshop/

Cost / Pricing: 
R900 Lunch & refreshments incl Early Bird: R750 by 01 December
Teacher / Instructor: 
Helen Hansen

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