Transform your Life from your Soul's Perspective! Transformation Game workshop
26 Apr, 4:00pm to 28 Apr, 2:00pm

Transform your Life from your Soul's Perspective! Transformation Game workshop

LISTING > Personal Development, Heal Your Life Workshop in Douglasdale, Gauteng

Discover a way to see your life from a different perspective:

Your soul’s perspective.

With time for calm reflection, sharing and guidance, self discovery and growth become exciting!

The Transformation Game, facilitated by an Accredited Facilitator, responds directly to the heart of any issue,eg:

• Clarify personal issues
• Gain direction on your next steps
• Find ways to enhance your relationships
• Change unproductive behaviour
• Remove blocks to spontaneity, success or fulfillment

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to receive a high degree of masterful attention and insight from Karen’s fluidity and creative awareness, in groups of 1- 4 people over a weekend or 14 hours.

The board game that mirrors your life so you can transform it!


You begin by choosing an intention to play the game. Before ‘birth', you fill your 'Unconscious' with cards that indicate strengths, challenges and inner qualities. A guardian angel travels with you along your life path, while you clear your Unconscious through pain and awareness, and move through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Some cards bring awareness, others bring pain; you also have opportunities to exercise free will and intuition, and to share appreciations and feedback.

It is a game that comes alive through personal sharing and interaction. It is up to the players to decide how deeply to participate, and to choose what to make of the experiences that come to them.

The process is deepened and enriched by the use of expanded rules, skilful facilitation, the radiant nature of the Transformation Game itself, the presence and inspiration of angels, and the interaction of  participants who share a sincere desire and determination to make a major shift in their lives.

This unique combination of ingredients creates a powerful transformational field that accelerates self- discovery and healing for everyone.

South African Contact & ACCREDITED Facilitator, Karen Weinman has been involved with the Transformation Game for 23 years now, since she lived in the Findhorn community. She is a Findhorn Foundation member and lived there for 5 years, absorbing the way of living this game is based on.

Accredited facilitators are trained in a transformation process that is very unique to Findhorn & the Transformation Game,  preparing them to facilitate Group, Solo and Earth-solo games.

This is a great opportunity to play the Authentic way.  

Right now, there are only 2 places left on this group game.  

(I can also travel with the Game, if you have your own group). 

Contact Karen for more information:

082 446 2797 (there is a video here of the Game/board if you would like to see it ;o)

"Within each of us is the capacity to make breakthroughs in our lives, to go beyond habit; to create and innovate; to replace repetition of what has been, with the emergence of what could be."              David Spangler

Cost / Pricing: 
R2500 pp for Group Game
Teacher / Instructor: 
Karen Weinman (Accredited TG Facilitator)

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