TAROT, Shifting Energies and Intention
22 Feb (All day)
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TAROT, Shifting Energies and Intention

LISTING > Energy Healing, Holistic Healing Workshop in Muizenberg

Majority of us project the future, you base it upon what you know about your past and we simply past upon the future the events of the past. We all know that whatever you do in the physical affects the spiritual and whatever you do in the spiritual affects the physical. We also know how colours, shapes and sound affects your wellbeing. We all know that fractile time is a circle, where time repeats itself, history repeats itself and your past repeats itself.

In order to reach a place that will not depend upon your past to predict the future we need to change something in the circle of time to re-write your future. By doing so we first need to establish the definition of energy shifting and understand that you are made of energy, as is everything around you. When there is an energy shift, there is a quantifiable change in the Universe which has to affect your reality. Let go of your old misconceptions and accept the Truth that you can alter your reality.

We will create a spiritual vibration level chart the size of your palm which will be infused with the energies of your 10th Dimensional Higher Self.

What will we shift? We are going to find an energetic imprint in your circle of time that is in the form of a thought pattern, you will be able to see it and ever hear it. This thought pattern holds a great symboic significance which we will then draw onto a piece of paper.

With the power of your Intention, your spoken word, your spiritual chart, your thought pattern and the energies of your 10th Dimensional Higher Self we will shift the stagnant energy in the spiritual world - which has to affect your reality.

We will focus on 3 areas: Relationship, careeer and the last area will be that of your choice.

I will then show you how to get guidance from your 10th Dimensional Higher Self, how to move through the veil of sepeartion and work with it because the veil responds to your consciousness. Lastly you will be shown how to draw information that you need from your Akashic Records.

This is not magic, it's metaphysical truths. Once you know how, you can manipulate your reality.

Class start at 9:30am for 10am and includs light lunch.


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