A Journey Through the Chakras
11 Oct, 7:00pm

A Journey Through the Chakras

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Want to become an active contributor to your healing journey?

The Journey Through the Chakras is an 8-week course of Self Discovery and Healing that explores the purpose of the 7 major energy centers of our energetic body and how they impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

In this course you will also learn to re-balance and heal your chakra system by:
• Recognising when your chakras are functioning in an under-energised or over-energised state.
• Learning and practicing chakra-specific healing techniques.
• Addressing the key issues, tasks and goals required to heal and support each of the 7 major chakras.

We will also explore:

• Why we have Chakras.
• How we can use our Chakras to support us in life.
• How we can support our Chakras in keeping them balanced.
• How our Chakras are connected to our growing level of consciousness.
• Why this all so important to our well-being.

Each week we will focus on a different chakra and take an in-depth look at its characteristics, key challenges, life lessons and purpose that need to be accomplished in order to support the development of our Chakra system and as a result, become more conscious beings.

Participants will be encouraged to use the Chakra-specific healing techniques taught in class, and with daily support, become active contributors to their healing journey.

Optional tools to purchase would be the crystals/gemstones and essential oils used to balance each of the chakras, chakra incense, chakra teas and Chakra Crystal Essence.

Next Course Date: 11 October 2018 - 29 November  2018
Duration: 8-weeks
Day: Thursday evenings
Time: 19h00-21h00
Cost: R1700 per participant excluding crystals OR R2000 including all crystals & gemstones.

Maximum number of 7 participants per course.

To book a space on this course please contact:

Amanda at info@intuitionandhealing.co.za or Janine@energeticbodyhealing.co.za

Much Light

Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Janine Zitianellis-Internationally accredited

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