REGRESSIONAL HYPNOSIS & TRAUMA TRAINING (including body cellular memory work)
7 Oct (All day) to 12 Oct (All day)

REGRESSIONAL HYPNOSIS & TRAUMA TRAINING (including body cellular memory work)

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Hypnosis with a difference!

Complex Trauma is experienced when a person witnesses / experiences phyiscal, emotional, sexual or substance abuse over a period of time.

When exposed to trauma, the brains chemical mechansims are dysregulated as our nervous systems remain on "high alert" 24/7.  Our flight or fight kicks in and fear, anxiety and lack of trust becomes a persons "norm."

Mind therapy is not always sufficient to overcome truama, as trauma is also embedded in the body.

This accredited course, encompasses the release of trauma from the mind, body and soul with specific cellular body memory techniques in conjunction with hypnosis and the intergration of the trauma soul piece back into the body.

Duration: 6 days lecture based + practicals running over 3 months with individual training (maximum 10 people per course)

Date: 7th - 12th October 2021 lectures & 3 months practical case studies

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: Cape Town

Registration closes: 1st september 2021

For more information contact:

Janet -

To register you can pop into our webpage  - 

Cost / Pricing: 
R12 500 (we will be donating R2500 per student to #fundapractitioner NGO aiding vulnerable communities with trauma
Teacher / Instructor: 
Janet Homan (BSc Medical Honours, Ct.Hyp, Dip.RTh)

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